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Looking for a writer that means business?

Well all content marketing managers, creative directors, heads of communications, and digital editors in the healthcare industry wouldn’t it be amazing to work with a valuable writer that evokes, inspires, and educates your audience?

Home Page Photo         Hi, I am Rudy the stupendous copywriter for hire with experience and a passion for crafting web copy and marketing materials.


60 Minute Car, Colorado Black Health CollaborativeCommunity Health and Men’s Summit, Charitymarketplace, Educating Youth Everywhere, Evolution Solution Marketing, Evolve Physical Therapy, a Jessica Watkins Author, a Mark Spain Realtor, Lash Doll Cosmetics, My Little Magic Shop, Midtown Urologyand many more.

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A few things I do that will impress you

(Digital Marketing Copywriting)

Focus: B2B Healthcare

Case Studies

Email campaigns

White papers

Web copy

Blog posts that drive traffic to your website that help attract more clients, gain more readers, and improve your SEO.



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“I will analyze your proposed project and figure out how to get your website, brand, product, or service the results you deserve.”

My “By Any Means of Writing Blog” provides content on copywriting, marketing, and provides small business tips.

Why Hire A Freelance Copywriter?

I turn leads into loyal customers.

I am here to serve you with valuable marketing powered by words and strategy that is ensured to reach the prospects on three levels:

intellectual, emotional, and personal.

How the Job Gets Done

I take complex research and translate it into digestible marketing materials that make information about health issues more accessible to your community.

I have also provided ghostwriting services to several individuals in the healthcare industry about topics focusing on African-Americans.

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The Process

(of doing business with me)

I price work by job/project but that price is based on an hourly rate.

It will include:

A recap of your needs for the product

A summary of how I’ll help

 The desired outcomes

The specific deliverables and prices