How Words Can, Quickly, Help Your ROI on Your Website

I composed this blog post because I’m exhausted from trying to verbally illustrate what my business is (No, I don’t design websites but if you need persuasive web writing with the intent to drive action – I’m your man).

Copywriting can take your website from a money sucking, time-consuming, unfinished project to a search engine optimization dominating sales point for your business.

Why You Should Let Me Empower Your Website with Words

Every day I use to take precious time to clarify copywriting to everyone who showed interest but now I know better. Instead, I let people who are interested in copywriting come to me through Google searches. 

When it Comes to Content Creation, There are 2 Types of People in the World:

People who get it right away

(usually marketing professionals and other content writers). 


People have no idea how to comprehend the words that are coming out of my mouth

(everyone else).

Copywriting is everywhere since it sells products, services, and/or ideas but people don’t realize it.

Common places it can be found hiding in plain sight are:

Letters and advertisements that are delivered to your mailbox.

Websites (landing pages, home pages, and blog posts).

Marketing emails.

Newsletters, magazines, and special reports.

The words on brochures, billboards, and business cards.

What Does My Copywriting Offer?

As a small business owner/freelancer copywriter, my attention only entertains people interested in clear, concise, and simple writing business communications to engage their audience’s deep-rooted emotional motivations.

Copywriting is the most essential part of  business writing marketing materials because it is the art and science of engagement by connecting the benefits of your product/service with your customers’ desires

(I use words to get their emotions and logic involved to persuade them to make a purchase). 

The Bottomline is My Words Mean Business

Since 2016,  I’m been trying to figure out how to get my point across to everyone without the need to have a full-fledged dialogue featuring clips of copy from my portfolio. Well, I realized in late 2018 that I shouldn’t be marketing my business to those people anyway. 

Anyone who is interested will want to read clips from my portfolio and that will probably determine if I get the gig or not. Although, I’m sure my conservation has some sort of psychological effect on a subconscious level (professionals act like it doesn’t exist).

Finally, I decided to update this old blog post about what I do. Talking wasn’t my forte when I first wrote this in August 2018 but I could easily write about selling with words or how to convert your audience into customers. Now, I feel comfortable doing both (consult fees apply) but I’m still much better at writing then conversating. 

The bottom line is to hire me (a professional wordsmith) or learn how to improve your web copy to make more money without spending a lot of time on ineffective marketing techniques.

Copywriting Basics:

Copywriting has nothing to with the word, “copyright.”

Definition of Copywriting:

(Denotation –  Direct specific meaning)

Copy in this context means written matter intended to be reproduced in printed form or the text of an advertisement or marketing material.

Writing is the process of using letters or characters that serve as the visible sign of ideas, words, or symbols.

Copywriting is the process of writing advertising or promotional materials.

The Skinny:

(Connotation – something suggested or implied by a word)

I craft words in a way that creates engagement with your audience which leads to generating more sells, sign-ups, or donations by effectively marketing your business online.

Copywriting is Related to:

Advertising  –  because it creates awareness for a service and/or product without trying to obviously sell it.

Storytelling (Fiction) – because it connects to people through the main idea of a compelling narrative with supporting plots, characters, etc. 

Journalism (Non-Fiction) – because it reports information (statistics, expert references, and testimonials) and interviews must be conducted to build creditability. 

Poetry – because of the word choices and the creativity involved has to be ultra-specific to the benefit your offering.

Psychology –  because people take action (buy expensive items) for emotional reasons, not logical ones.  Think about the power of pride, lust, happiness, envy, fear, and vanity.

And many more forms of writing and social sciences.

( I learned this Molly Dickinson, Creator/CEO of MDash Creative, and my professor for General Assembly’s “Copywriting 101” Course).

A Quick Graph of the Copywriting Elements. Courtesy of Sam’s Word, LLC.

Copywriting is:

Since copywriting is basically any words that request action from your audience it includes a lot of projects, it also has roots in almost all forms of writing business and is the most effective way to make sure your USP is being presented in a way that will resonate with your audience.

Copywriting stresses the benefits to persuade your potential customer to purchase your product or service with a single phrase (tagline) and/or a 3,000 words document (online sales page).

Any amount of words can convey strong emotions triggering potential buyer’s mirror neurons – making them feel a connection with your brand without investing too much of your scarcest resource, time.

Get your prospects/audience to support a cause, read a blog post, buy a product/service, or request more information in a conversational way.

Copywriting Projects Include

Science Behind Statements

(Key Performance Indicators)

I measure, improve, and track the success of my copy with the help of my clients’ feedback.

However, I try to pinpoint what really works and what doesn’t for my own company, Stupendous Copy, using Google analytics, WordPress analytics (likes, views, number of comments, and engagement), and MailChimp analytics (opens, clicks, and subscribers).

If we do business, we can use similar KPI’s to track how successful the copy was.

The most important indicator for me is getting results for high-quality clients so I have more money to live, testimonials, and help people make money. Nothing else matters since my mortgage can’t be paid with attention, likes, clicks, or inquiries and I know you can’t take of your family without a successful business.

Are Words a Real Career Option?

Most copywriters are a part of a marketing agency, or they work for the marketing department of a company, but there are also a fair amount of people who freelance.

At an agency, copywriters work with a team (graphic designers, product/client managers, etc) to get the job done. As a Freelancer, I worked with other freelancers or the client’s resources.

Since I freelance I started on content mill sites like Fiverr,, and but decided to devote my time to finding high-quality clients (like yourself). 

I use the process of prospecting, pitching, and persistence to generate clients for my business. More on that here.

I also have a blog, By Any Means of Marketing, to promote my website, I use my website as a fluid example of my digital copywriting skills, mainly focuses on content marketing. I use blog posts to increase my SEO rank as well as built creditability with my audience. Hopefully, members of my audience will convert into clients. If not, hopefully, my information helps me get returns on their investments and they give me feedback creating social proof I know what I’m talking about. 

Every Word Sells:

My stupendous copywriting uses techniques rooted in psychology to persuade your audience with marketing materials that get your brand’s ideas, messages, or promotions across clearly and effectively.

I craft copy that will sway your audience to opt-in, purchase, or engage with your company.

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