CBHC Membership Drive Nonprofit Press Release & Autoresponder

Public Relations:

Published Nonprofit Press Release


Press Release (Copy Only Verison):

We are a family orientated non-profit organization that has been in existence since 2009 and has since been the recipient of numerous grants such as Piton Foundation Grant and STI Prevent Grant. We have also won numerous health awards such as Barney Ford Excellence in Non-Profit Business Award, You Make A Difference, Community Service Award, and Legacy of Service Award.

Our mission is to achieve health equity in Colorado’s Black community.

Our mission to make our community celebrate good health. The only way to celebrate it is to be in good health. We are providing all the health information, resources, and opportunities to ensure your whole family is in good optimal health. But, we need you to help by sharing your ideas, providing feedback, and finding better ways to improve our health and sustain that good health.

Members are the backbone of our organization.

As a member you will:

Be Inspired

By stores of ordinary people changing their lives around through health.  You’ll be supported by like-minded individuals.

Be Informed

Check out the Health Directories.

Read health articles.

Receive a newsletter.

Be Active

Volunteer, or come to events such as the barbershop program to take control of your health.

Network with other organizations that are locally based and national organizations that have common goals.

Annual Family Reunions since 2008

Be Social

Connect with us on Facebook

Explore the Website:



Autoresponder message sent after people sign up:


Thank you for Signing Up

Welcome to the family! Thanks for becoming a member of the Colorado Black Health Collaborative and for “helping us help you.” As a community organization, it is our number one goal to transform people’s lives through health empowerment but we cannot do it without YOU.

With your CBHC membership, YOU have instant access to FREE benefits such as:

Health Information:

Wellness Articles

Health and Wellness Resources

Curated Newsletter (Monthly & Weekly)

Heart Health Website (flowdenver.org)

And more….

CBHC Events:

Family Reunion (Healthy Food; Clinical and Community Resource)

Block Parties (Clinical and Community Resource)

Fitness Expos (Fitness Demonstrations)

Quarterly Health and Wellness Forums

And more….

Volunteering opportunities:


Focus groups

Volunteer at Events

“Power Saturdays”

And more….


Our Story:

Colorado Black Health Collaborative officially became a non-profit organization in 2009 after the community provided positive feedback about the first Family Reunion, which was a collaborative event with the Office of Health Equity/Colorado Department of Public Health in 2008. Since then, Colorado Black Health Collaborative has transformed into a comprehensive network of volunteers, community members, and clinical partners that work towards addressing the health disparities in the Black community in Colorado.

Be Social:

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Visit Us on the Web

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