10 Steps to Crafting A Creative Brief

The key to having a comprehensive marketing campaign is a CREATIVE BRIEF.


A creative brief is a document that explains the ins and outs of a project for all the creative people involved.


It is the BLUEPRINT for your project as it shapes the goals while hinting at what strategies to use.

It provides the GUIDELINES for the deliverables.

It ensures everything is aligned with both parties expectations and business needs by providing the smallest details that are informative.

It is formatted in:

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint Presentation, PDF, or Google Docs.

Normally a company and a copywriter will create a creative brief for a project.

(Stupendous Copy & Creative Briefs)

I will craft a creative brief for your project with us but I can craft an in-depth creative brief that you can use a starting point for any marketing project.

I utilize this service to help smaller business thrive.

I have a basic template but I create the brief based the needs of each business, promotion, and or product.

STEP 1, The Who:

We will ask a lot of questions about your company, looking for a unique angle and to get a better understanding of what you offer your audience (customers).

We’ll also google you, and try to see what we can find out for ourselves. We basically pretend we are the audience.

STEP 2, The Type:

We will ask a lot of questions about the project. If you are not sure what route to take we can suggest projections and point out what direction is the best way to go once we complete the brief.

STEP 3, The Essence:

We will ask a lot of questions about the purpose of the project and determine what we want the desired outcome to be. We will develop low expectations and expectations.

STEP 4, The Target:

We will ask questions about who you are trying to reach. If you don’t know we will do research to find out who.

STEP 5, The Deliverables:

We will ask questions about how you want the campaign to be presented. If you don’t know we will make suggests.

STEP 6, The Competition:

We will ask questions about who your competition is and what they are doing? If you don’t know we will do research. Once again from the point of view of the audience.

STEP 7, The Tone and The Style:

We will ask for previous marketing materials to ensure the tone and style matches your brand unless the purpose of the project is to be different.

We define what action we want the audience to take.

We define will align the message of the project with the objectives. of your company

STEP 8, The Deadline:

We will ask a lot of questions to determine the timeline and the deadline.

STEP 9, The Budget:

We will define a budget and agree upon a price for each aspect of the project or the project as a whole.

STEP 10, The List:

Provide us with a list of people who need to review the final document(s).

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