Millions of Reasons Why Your Business Should Have A Social Media Strategy

There are so many people on social media if gives small to medium size business owners millions of reason to use it.

As a content writer, I have to market the content on social media (so should your small business).

Hard selling on social sites is not as effective because it is more about community values.

You know your audience is on the “Gram” to meet people and build relationships with people that turn into referrers and prospects.

Typical goals for social media are:

Driving Engagement




As a small business owner, you have to create a strategy to achieve the S.M.A.R.T. goals you created (Need help? I can assist you).

I promote lightly while I curate content, give a behind-the-scenes look at my life and operation, plus I tried to give out helpful tips.

I practice the 1/3 third rule

1/3 of my content promotes your business or generate leads

1/3 come from other businesses that align with your business

1/3 of the content connects with followers directly


800 million active accounts

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336 million monthly active users


Apps I Use to Auto Schedule Post :

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Over 2 billion daily active users, according to Facebook


Apps I Use to Auto Schedule Post :


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Rudy Brown 

150 million users on Pinterest.


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106 million active users/ 414 million LinkedIn members.


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Rudy Brown 

Google +

111 million active Google plus users.


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Stupendous Copy

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