Is Breast Cancer A Brand? + 4 Preventative Tips

I know you see the pink flags, logos, banners, shirts, and lights?

Probably not as often as you use to but October is still Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a certified movement.

A cause organized by major breast cancer charities to raise awareness and money that had a huge marketing impact over the past few years using a pink ribbon, branding partnerships, and the power of emotional connections.

Breakdown of Breast Cancer:

Breast Cancer is a disease in which cancer cells form in the tissues of the breast.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the United States.

1 in 8 women will develop it in their lifetime.

As women age their risk increases.

Most women are diagnosed after the age of 50.

A combination of factors lead to one getting diagnosed with breast cancer.

With breast cancer having such a negative effect on society it is important the National Breast Cancer Foundation, founded in 1991, finds creative ways to promote early detection.

By connecting pink with Breast cancer and the month of October the organization can create hope and support for those already diagnosed, raise awareness amongst people who are affected directly or indirectly and create a time to remember for those who have passed from Breast cancer.

With the use of the awareness ribbon, society has responded by donating time, energy, and money to the cause allowing women who are uninsured to afford the cost of a screening test “Mammogram.”

The Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon

People are inclined to help since the pink ribbon now represents an emotional connection as it depicts goodwill towards women.

It creates international awareness for getting tested early and how early detection is extremely important.

It empowers society by reminding women to take control of their health by educating themselves about their bodies.

Although the general population may still not understand breast cancer in its entirety, there are over 3.3 million breast cancer survivors in the United States.

While the number doesn’t correlate with the money or awareness raised, it is obvious the branding of the pink ribbon has made a significant impact on Americans.

Now October is not only known for Halloween, NFL, NBA, MLB games but also Breast Cancer.

Every October sprouts pink products that donated a small portion of their profit to support the cause.

Breakdown of Pink Ribbon

Pink is considered feminine and associated with it are stereotypical feminine gender roles, mainly caring for people.

Ribbons are used to create awareness when short pieces are folded in a loop as they represent the universal symbol for social or disease awareness.  

Wearers of the ribbon use it to make a statement of support.

Together it represents the fear & the hope of breast cancer.

Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer

1st Tip – Be Active

Weight Control

Healthy Diet -Eat Your Veggies & Fruits

Quit Smoking

2nd Tip – Know Your Family History

Ask Questions?

3rd Tip – Check For Lump Regularly

Aim for Early Detection

Get Your Annual Mammography

4th Tip – Reduce the Toxins to Reduce the Risk

Chronic stress lowers immune function increases the likelihood of getting ill.  

Some research suggests medical-imaging can be linked to radiation exposure which increases the risk.

Exposure to environmental pollutants even Wifi and Cellphones increases the likelihood of getting sick.

Oral contraception increases the risk of getting breast cancer by up to 50%.



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