The Psychology of the Premise; The Fab 5 Elements of Copywriting

I craft copy that taps into your audience’s motivations and desires.

Stupendous Copy specializes in trying to find out what your audience admires to develop the premise of the campaign.

I do our research via any information you have as well as using Google, Social Media, Amazon, Reddit, and more)  to find out what your audience fears, despises, and cherishes.

I use this information to craft meaningful messages that organically inspire action by connecting with people’s beliefs.

Belief can only be developed via context and context must be developed by displaying tangible benefits in the form of a message.

From this information we are able to create buyer personas:

The persona is defined by a worldview, which is the things the audience believes in.

To connect with the buyer persona, we frame the campaign into a way that resonates with the way they view the world.

The most effective way to frame the worldview is through a story.

For the story to connect effectively it must build dramatic tension with one or more related heroes.

If the story connects it often leads to a connection with the buyer which can create engagement and eventually conversion.

The worldview, the frame, and the story are all tied together by the premise. There are 5 elements of the premise that we focus on to ensure the content is meaningful for your audience.

5 Elements of the Premise

1st Element of the Premise:

Create a unique selling proposition that is simple, unpredictable, real, and credible.  

2nd Element of the Premise:

Establish an emotional concept to attract the audience’s attention and maintain their engagement throughout the content and campaign.

3rd Element of the Premise:

Connect your company’s unique brand to the emotional concept so the audience experiences desire for your product while maintaining credibility.  

4th Element of the Premise:

Unite the audience’s worldview, the proposition, the emotional concept, the brand characteristics, market research, the benefits of your brand, the proof, and finally the call to action.

5th Element of the Premise:

I choose a way to tell the story of your brand in the context of the content/campaign that will get the results your company desires.

All Five Elements of the Premise ensure it is weaved in and out of the headline, call to action, and a persuasive enough narrative to get the desired action from your audience.

Stupendous Tips:  

I can’t convert the people on the opposite end of the spectrum, but I can convince the people in the middle with the help of relevant content.

I express the premise is the part of the story in a way that concretely injects certain information into the audience’s mind to help the crowd in the middle of the pack to become believers of your brand.


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