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Danielle Offett is a 23-year-old authoress of 5 urban novels. Born in Chicago, she moved to Atlanta at a young age. Growing up in Decatur, she read every book in the library by the time she was 16.

That same year, the authoress penned her first novel without any experience. Danielle crafted a survival story of a young woman’s struggle with a man involved in a street business. She published the book as By Any Means, but due to issues with the publisher, she decided to shop around the manuscript. That decision propelled her to sign with Jessica Watkins Presents, a publishing house in Chicago.

She released Riding for the Wrong N***a in 2015. Since then, Danielle has released the sequel Riding for the Wrong N*** 2, the co-authored Tilt My Crown to The Streets, as well as Taming the Beast Beneath her Beauty, and the sequel, Taming the Beast Beneath her Beauty 2.


She was a participant of Atlanta Kick Back 2017 & 2018, a large book signing event hosted by 556 Book Chicks.

When Danielle isn’t writing books she is raising her son, reading, editing, working her full-time job, or going to school. She enjoys listening to Kevin Gates, hanging out in Miami on the beach, and spending quality time with her mom and 5 sisters.

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