I ask a lot of the right questions beforehand to ensure there is a good fit.

Expect my input during the process and upon delivery.

Access to Every Resource I’ve Collected During the Project


My Swipe File

My Command Center

How to guides, How to videos, Copywriting guides, Marketing guides, Writing & Editing guides

Plus, my stupendous brain

(Please allow “concepting” time for brainstorming and time for the creative process it is crucial.) 

 I solve your business needs because I genuinely care about it. 

I ask about your digital marketing challenges and find solutions to them.

I use your audiences/customer’s language

 I Am A:

Helpful Advisor

Idea Generator

Reliable Resource

“The value is not what you get but what I create.” – Rudy Brown 

I know you don’t want to part with your money so I created,


I only charge you “billable work,”  which is the time I spend on your project that will generate your business revenue. 

I keep that to 62.5% of the time I spend on your project.  

The other 37.5% of my time is at no charge to you if we work primarily by email/phone/Skype.

(The industry standard is to charge for research, background reading, and meeting time).

Ultimately, I price work by job/project but that price is based on an hourly rate.

We agree upon the flat rate of the job/project before I start the research phrase

(95% of the time).

1/3 to 1/2 of the agreed-upon FLAT RATE is REQUIRED up-front.

(This is waived for continuous clients)

Contact Me Today for Your Digital Marketing Needs


Phone: 678- 626–7610

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