12+ Editing Tools For Improving Your Copywriting Right Now

Every professional needs “tools of the trade” to complete the job at the highest level. Writer’s need help crafting their words so their content can be clear, concise, and creative on a consistent basis. I’ve gathered my favorite editing tools that help me create content faster allowing my business to be efficient.

The faster and more efficient you become at your craft the more confidence grows and soon enough you’ll have no insecurities.

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Tools Used for Editing:


A Mac editing software.


My Stupendous Brain

Self-explanatory. I have to trick my brain by reading out loud from the last sentence to the first but I catch the most errors that way.


Software that integrates into your browser to help prevent mistakes.


Grammarly is my go-to because it is a free writing assistant that can be used as an online editing tool, a spellchecker on your phone, WordPress, and your Google Docs. It quickly lets you know what errors there are and gives you a score as it focuses on correcting over 250 types of grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, and vocabulary usage.

There is a free version but there is also a paid version that offers more features.

Grammarly has a blog that provides writing tips.

I love to use this tool to quickly edit and proofread my content, social media post, text messages, emails, and everything else that gives written communication.

4.Hemingway Editor

 I use this editor to get directions on my sentence structure as its strength lies in its ability to highlight long hard to read sentences. It also lets the writer know if there are too many adverbs,  if there is too much use of passive voice, and if there is a better word choice. It is an online tool that gives writers tips on creating a better document by providing a readability score (based on grade level).  It also has a counter for words, characters, paragraphs, and sentences.

I love using this tool to ensure my writing is tight and simple.

5.Microsoft Word Spellchecker

I use this tool just because it is there. It works for basic spell checks but nothing else.

I do love using the read outloud feature.


This tool is an online proofreader I used for college. It checks the grammar of the content, provides suggestions, and looks into plagiarism.

I love this tool to check for plagiarism.


A grammar, editing, and style software that focuses on helping the writer express their ideas clearly.

I love the summary report it produces as an add-on for Google Docs.  The report explains style and grammar by giving you a score in a wide range of categories.

For example, it analyzes the number of glue words you use.

The tool also has a blog that provides writing tips in all areas of the profession.

I love to use this tool to ensure my writing style is sharp and on point.

There is a free version and there is a premium version.

If you write a blog post and it gets published – they give the premium version to you for free for a year.  

8.Proofread Bot

(Google Docs Add-On)

I use this application as a Google Docs add-on. It doesn’t do much for me but it does catch the occasional error.


I don’t use smart edit, but I tried it for 10 days. It is a Microsoft Word add-on targeted towards creative writers.

10.Slick Write 

This online editor is free and offers corrections on vocabulary variety, adverbs, pronouns, and uncommon words.

I use this tool to focus on stylistic mistakes as it divides its analysis into the structure, grammar, and spelling.


This online editor aims for precise editing to assist with crafting strong prose. It provides information such as the amount of time it would take to read your content but there is no grammar checking.  It offers stats like word and character count.

The company also has a blog.

I love this online editor because it has text to speech so I can hear content out loud.

12.Writing Reviser 

(Google Docs Add-On)

I use this application as a Google Docs add-on. It is free has a very comprehensive system for checking everything a professional writer needs to worry about.

This is my favorite app for editing because it breaks down the document is a multitude of ways that are extremely important to copywriting.

Bonus Tools



Additional Tools for Editing


On Writing Well

A reference book for writing quality words, sentences, and paragraphs.

Proofreading Handbook

A well-written reference book by on how to proofread. It provides a formula for dead/live versions of the document that ensure accurate and consistent editing.  She walks the reader through a step-by-step process for editing and proofreading.

Online Resources

Grammar Girl 

An online reference that breaks down a lot of the grammar rules.

Tools for Editing Web Copy

Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker




Live Keyword Analysis 

Social Mention


Keyword Finder

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