The (Most Comprehensive) Prospecting System for Creatives That’s Hotter Than Beyonce

The Backbone of My Business is Putting Myself Out There.

Prospecting is… identifying potential clients and is a number’s game but with research, the numbers can be worked in your favor.

Read my article about prospecting here.

I start by defining my target market based on the fact I am a content writer that is writing for publications and businesses. I end with generating high-quality leads. As a business owner that is writing assignments and marketing projects. Since I specialize in digital marketing and business writing in the healthcare industry I search for clients in that niche.

1st Step – Define Your Target Market:

Ideal clients for me are businesses that have a viable business model and are associated with the healthcare industry. Basically, companies and other entities that can afford my services yet can’t afford the services of a marketing/ad agency.

You can define your target market by completing a SWOT Analysis and creating a USP

Or you can do a PEST Analysis.

Check out my 5 Phrases of Evolution for Creative Turning into A Small Business Owner, here.

Use a 1 Plan Business Plan to Help.

How to Create a Stupendous 1 Page Business Plan Real Fast

Ask yourself questions like:

What’s your goal for being a business – savvy creative?

What’s your skill set?

Who pays for this skill set?

What is your niche?

Once you define your target market, you can identify who will potentially hire you.

I created a roadmap but I don’t think it is necessary.


“I am a freelancer writer who creates content for publications and businesses in healthcare space so they can connect with their audience. I create content ranging from white papers and case studies to blog posts and brochures.”

You can view samples of my work at or you can contact me directly at, 678- 626-7610″

2nd Step – Identifying Potential Clients:

Ideal Clients are referrals from other creatives or people I’ve connected with.

Great clients for me are publications that have a nice following and are credible because my published material can market my business while creating social proof and credibility.

Good clients for me are marketing and ad agencies because they may need a freelance writer with a fresh perspective.

Okay clients for me are ones that pay well enough and offer exposure or an opportunity that could lead to making more money.

I define clients in categories of Ideal, Great, Good, or Okay based on a number of factors that align with my Unique Selling Proposition.

3rd Step – Finding the Right Point Of Contact:

It is important to find the right person to contact or all your time will be wasted. 

You can also reach out to someone (like a mutual friend or acquaintance)  that can introduce you to the right point of contact. This can be done through social media or letters of introduction.

How I Find Prospects:

Since I based my business on digital marketing, I tend to search every publication ‘s staff page, team page, staff list, etc.

I search for the name of the editor on any content that is published.

Once I find the name of the editor I send them a query letter.

Searching “Natural” Markets for Writers:

Company Magazines/National Niche Publications/ Mass Consumer Magazines/Trade Publications/ Local/Regional Publications/ Association/Organization Publications/Custom Publications

High Paying Blogs and Websites

Writer’s Market

Best Paying List from different Blogs

Larger Nonprofits

Colleges and Universities

“Middle Market” of Medium-sized Businesses (Revenue ranging from $10-$100 Million)

Think Costco, Duns & Bradstreet

Traditional Ad Agencies, Digital Agencies

Move up Content Mills

Internet Searches for Publications, Agencies, & Companies:

Google Search {Publication} {Category} Editor

Twitter Search {Publication} {Category} Editor

LinkedIn Search {Publication} {Category} Editor

Look Through the Comments on Blogs

Company Searches:

I search for small-medium sized companies (250+ employees; 10 mils or more in revenue).

Search by Industry (For Example, Healthcare).

Search by State (Georgia).

Search Crunchbase, Inc 5000, Fortune 1000, DNB (10 results are free), hoovers, and Referenceusa.

Email Finder Apps:

Voila Norbert

You get 50 leads for free.



How I Find Businesses to Work With:

Ads in Local Publications

Stupendous Tip:

When searching local publications for leads, only target prospects that fit into your niche.  There is a higher chance of landing a gig because you can provide more value.



Book of Lists (Expensive)


Yellow Pages


Bid Sites: (I’m not really a fan of this site) (I dislike this site)

I only bid on high-paying jobs in my niche.

Nonprofit Searches:


At local events at Chambers of Commerce / Forums/ Trade Shows

I learn about local business and exchange information.

Search  Local Office Parks for Healthcare related businesses

Other Creatives:

Web Designers, Illustrators, Traffic Specialists, Marketers, Videographers, and Photographers.

Digital Marketing Agencies, SEO Agencies

Step 5-Building a Contact List:

With all the information you have obtained about potential prospects at your disposal, organize it in an excel sheet. I use the excel sheets I got from a blogger.

I have sections for publications, persons, small businesses, local jobs, etc.

I make note of URL, contact person, contact information, person pitched, the date of the pitch, and the dates of the follow-ups.

Step 6-Reach Out:

Prospecting Schedule for Stupendous Copy

Every day I:

Send 3-5 emails cold pitches to prospects (some emails have videos).

Apply to 2-3 jobs posted on freelance job boards featured in my command center.

Apply to 3-5 publication sites a day via a relevant means (managing editor’s email instead of contacting the publication through the submission form).

Pitch 3-5 guest post on blogs via the submission form.

Look for opportunities on  all the quality content mills

If it is really slow:

I look for opportunities on all the up-and-coming content mills (Contently, Clearvoice, Skyword).

I look for job opportunities on social media.

I cold call businesses and cold email publications once I get the information for the point of contact.

I group similar prospects into groups of 10 and starting the cold calling process by priority.

I always reach out to the people who I think will be more likely to use my services.

 After I call a business I sent an email (letter of introduction), but at that point, it is a warm connection.

Cold Calling Details:

I pick up the phone and tell the stupendous story through my elevator pitch. More About cold calling here.

I developed a script for several different scenarios.

Stupendous Tip:

Have A Script for the Gatekeeper/A Script for the Point of Contact/A Script for Voicemail.

30-second commercial – mentioning a benefit or result specific to that business.

Quick Rules of Thumb

I try to call at the right time which is unpredictable. Obviously, no weekends or calling after 5pm or before 8am. I prefer to make calls Tuesday – Thursday.

Cold Emailing Details:

Read this.

Cold emailing is the perfect way for me to showcase my writing skills as I tailor the message to the prospect’s need, provide my experience, and leave links to the relevant content I’ve already written.

All my emails are centered around a meaningful connection, my value statement, credibility, and an invitation to connect.

I try to keep my emails to 125 words or less.

Elements of the Email:

I use a catchy headline when pitching via email.

I make sure it’s clear I know information about them.

I tell them how I can help.

I also make sure there is a call to action.

Letter of Introduction Blog Post

LinkedIn Details:

LinkedIn Script

Subject line: “Were you looking for a freelance writer?”

Body: Hi there – I saw you were checking out my profile here on LinkedIn. Were you looking for writing help? As it happens, I have experience in your industry/topic (explain how/give links). Let me know if I can help.

A Query Letter is different from a letter of introduction.

Instead of introducing myself, you pitch an idea to the story editor.

Stupendous Tips:


Keep it One-page

Keep your Bio short

Make sure it is proofread and polished

I may offer services like:

Writing a review

Writing a sales page

Writing content

Tools & Techniques of Keeping Track:

I Track everything in my Command Center (Google Sheets)

The Backbone of Prospecting System is my:

Command Center

My Command Center has all the information I’ve collected to help organize my approach to finding clients and keeping work.

I also keep a small spreadsheet of who I am currently prospecting. The categories are broken down into like Publications, People, Business, Local Jobs, and Remote Jobs.

Phone Call List is the main way I keep track of who I’ve contacted.

Email Sent Box is the main way I keep track of who I’ve contacted.

I input that information into the spreadsheet.

Step 7-Following-Up & Building A Relationship:

I created a schedule that I know much how I have to prospect, market, etc.

Almost nobody responds to the first email so persistently follow with the “3-3-7 formula.”

Research states seven instances of contact are required to secure their attention.

Results are a Numbers Game!

Step 8: Negotiate the Price

Stupendous Tip:

Make sure you are seen as interested and not desperate.




Bid Letter/Flat Rate Estimate

Contract document -the basic parameters of the job; the fee for the job, the timing of payments, exactly what the project entails, what’s included for that price, optionally, time frame.

Send it as part of a follow-up letter to a meeting or phone call.


Ways to Receive Payment:



Cash App


Square Cash


Check (If you have a regular client)


Step 9: Deliver

Stupendous Tip:

Once you land a job make sure to do your best work.

Step 10: Keep Marketing

Develop Smart Marketing Goals

Relationship Marketing


Create Lead Magnets with

Inbound Ways to Market Your Business:

Website (SEO, Blog, Landing Pages)



Finding Clients!

Understanding how to balance work, marketing, accounting, and my personal life.

Staying positive when I had a slow week.

Convincing people I have a business and it’s not a hobby.

Thank you for reading, contact us for all your copywriting/content marketing needs or spread the word about Stupendous Copy!


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