The Quick Insider’s Guide to Root Chakra

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 What is the Root Chakra? Present by My Little Magic Shop

 Root Chakra is also known as Muladhara

 The most primal and fundamental energy center.

Energy is based on the earth element.

It is located at the base of the spine or the groin area.

It is associated with the color red (rich vermilion).

It regulates the energy associated with instinct, survival, safety, and all other basic needs.

It symbolizes strength.

It is the base of the chakra system.

It lays the foundation for expansion in your life.

It is tied to Physicality (Physical identity and aspects of self).

You Know It’s Unbalanced/Blocked/Unhealthy When You Experience:


Chronic Fear (insecurities)

 Psychological Issues (anxiety)

Personal Issues (greed)

Existential Issues (nightmares of death)

Physical Issues (leg problems)

Relationship Issues

Disruption in the flow of life

And many more….

Root Chakra Healing:

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“Quick Tips”:

Be More Mindful

Slow Yourself Down

Practice Yoga

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Practice Reiki

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Stay tuned for more information about the 6 other chakras.

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More Info About the Root Chakra:


a red lotus with four petals

The Color Red Represents:

physical energy, passion, courage, power, will, and desire.

The Color Red Spiritually Effects:

stability, security, grounding, courage, action, physical and emotional survival.

The Story of the Fairygod Candle

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