10 Essential Productivity Tools You Can’t Work Without

I was watching GQ’s “10 Things You Couldn’t Live Without” and it inspired me to write a post about the 10 things I must have to do business.

What are your “Essential Tools of Prodictivity?”

The most essential thing/tool is my…

My Personal Assistant

Google Pixel 128gb


My phone is obviously, the most important part of my business because it is the main form of communication for me.

I love the operating system since I consider myself a Google Head.

I prefer the headphone jacks because I’m old-school and need to block out the world with music.

It also takes photos with the 12.3 MP dual-pixel camera and it attached to google photos.

I got the one with 128gb of storage because I need it (lol).

Communication Apps:


I have all the apps that are installed on my computer so I monitor my website, email, MailChimp, Google Docs, and more.

Note Taking Apps:


I have Evernote just in case I get an idea on the fly.

The 2nd most essential tool is…

Portable and Versatile Office (star player)

Apple MacBook Air (2017)



Reliable is really what I was looking for and I can’t complain. I need something light (it weighs 3 pounds) so I can take it any and everywhere.

It is fast enough for my everyday task.

The SD reader comes in handy.

The hard drive is 128gb (which is kind of small)

 Since I stored everything in Google Drive or OneDrive. I don’t that much space on my actual computer.

The battery life does well (which is the most important aspect especially when I’m on the go).

I got mine for a steal at MicroCenter. I think I paid around $765.

Webinar App:


Passwords for all the sites:




Internet Security:


The 3rd most essential tool is:

Running A Business




I use Wave to send flat-rate estimates and invoices. I also use it to bookkeep my entire business. It is software for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The 4th most essential tool is…

Block the Bad Vibes



I buy the cheapest headphones I can find that are made by Skullcandy.

I usually buy a pair from Marshall’s or Target depending on what area I’m in.

I don’t think they are the best quality but I’m hard on headphones and I like the small earbuds so I can block out the world while I write.

The fifth most essential tool is:

Soundtrack to Success

Music Player Apps:

I don’t have a favorite music app. I rotate them depending on my need and my mood.


YouTube basically has every song that every existed so I usually look-up a classic and let it play but there are ads so it will interrupt the flow so usually on use it when I’m doing research.


I have sometimes have the premium version and sometimes I just use the free version. I look up albums  or songs sometimes but mainly I just ride with a playlist, especially when I’m crafting content

Apple Music:

I use it sometimes but I’m not really a fan.

Google Play Music Player:

I use this app to play the music on my phone and most of the time it one of my favorite hip-hop albums or mixtapes.

the sixth essential tool is…

Expressing Creativity is Business As Usual

Writing Mediums: 

Google Docs

My favorite word processor because of its autosave feature, the add-ons, and the ability to access it anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.


I use it for my website which displays my writing ability and for blogging.

Microsoft Word

I not really a huge fan since it cost so much but it does have it advantages since it is very popular and used by most professionals. The template comes in handy


Email marketing is huge, and it a tool I use for my business. MailChimp provides a lot for the free service and even more for premium users. It is a super quick way to create campaigns, landing pages, etc.

the seventh essential tool is…

The Marketing Hub


I updated it at will.

I use WordPress for my website since I can link it to all my social media sites.

Have static landing pages and a blog.

The eighth essential tool is:

Behinds the Scene, Lights, Camera, and Action Marketing

Most social media sites are free, and some have business plans that you can pay for to enhance your presence and create ads. I use social media to promote my content on my blog, By Any Means of Marketing.  I create content for Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+,

Social Media Apps:


I use Instagram to promote my services, my blog, my poetry, and show the behind the scenes of Stupendous Copy ( I just try to stay top of mind). Read full Instagram article here.


I use Planely to schedule Instagram post content in advance.


I use linktree in my Instagram bio to add more links, which include


I use twitter to promote my blog post, to find editors and businesses, to connect with other creatives, and to just tweet whatever I feel like (within the brand, of course).


I use Buffer to schedule tweets to mix in with the schedule blog post that is promoted on Twitter. I also retweet content.

To Create Visual Content:


To Shorten Links:


More on Apps I use here.

The ninth essential tool is…

Freelancer Freedom

Predetermined Work Space Destinations

Well, where I work isn’t really a thing however it is essential to my productivity because environments reflect energy in my opinion.  I work from home a lot but change things up I have destinations I go to give my production a little push.

Barnes & Nobles:

Barnes and Noble

I live in Atlanta and most of the Barnes and Nobles have areas where you can have a meeting or do so work on your laptop.

Some have Starbucks inside that provide that element while others have small tables.

On Cobb Drive

Perminter Mall




There are plenty of Starbucks in Atlanta. Everyone is different but all provide an environment to meet with a client or work on a project. I’ve gone to Starbucks that stand alone, that is in the mall and attached to a Barnes & Noble.

Cumberland Mall:

I rarely work here because the wifi isn’t friendly however it is close to the house and provides a lot of motivation.

Public Libraries:

Libraries can be goldmines in terms of materials to assist with projects, and providing a quiet environment to get work done. Some libraries are separate sections for kids so the noise is kept down, while others have them integrated so it can be distracting if I leave my headphones at home.

I mainly go to Smyrna Public Library and Vinings Public Library.

I also like Buckhead library and Cobb County Library.

Honorable Mentions:

Fast Food Resturants:

I love Mcdonald’s Wifi but I hate their food and the environment isn’t always the most conducive to work but if there’s no other option. Mcie D’s gets it done.

The finally essential tool is…

Taking Care Of Myself

Confidence is the KEY!

My Health is literally my Wealth!

Staying Focus and Being Consistent


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