Cold Calling the Smart Way – Planting Success Seeds!

Cold calling is to make an unsolicited call on by telephone in an attempt to sell a service and the potential client has no idea who you are.

Cold calling is the cornerstone of my business.

I sell the meeting and not my service.

I am ready to answer the question, “Why You?” (I say because I am reliable, professional, and creativity).

I am aware before I start calling that 80% of people will not need my services.

However, that other 20% desperately needs a stupendous writer whether they know it or not.

I make 50 calls a day/500 calls a week but this is the based on work I have.

I created a quota just to have a concrete goal.

The advantage of marketing is numbers, and cold calling is a numbers game.

Key – control the things you can control, and manage the things you can’t . I just try to learn something from every call. 

Do research before you call so you can open the call with things that are publicly known about the prospect.

Make a specific offer that can help the prospect.

I make sure that every interaction with a prospect ends with a specific event the customer agrees to (another meeting, a follow-up call at a set time, etc.).

Develop A Script:

I try to keep it brief (15 seconds or less)

Simple & on point.

I am crystal clear in what I’m offering in 3-5 words.

For Voicemail

For A Person

The Gatekeeper:

I never sell the gatekeeper.

I tell them I am looking for Chief Content Officer, Content Strategist or Chief Content Marketer.

My Script

Basic Cold-Calling Script

For Voicemail:

To Get Past the Gatekeeper:

“Good morning, my name is Rudy Brown and I’m a freelance writer, making contact with (local businesses), to determine whether you have any ongoing or occasional needs for a good freelance writer to help create digital marketing content like blog post, landing pages, email campaigns or marketing collateral material like brochures, manuals, etc. Who might be the best person to talk with?”

I substitute the, “Who might be the best person to talk with?” part being on the circumstances

 Larger Corporations

“May I speak to the marketing communications department?”

Smaller Corporations

“May I speak to the marketing director?”

Agencies, Graphic Design, Marketing Companies

“May I speak to the creative director?”


“May I speak to the person in charge of hiring writers?”

Hi, I’m Rudy. (Person’s name),  I’m an Atlanta freelance copywriter that focuses on content marketing and business writing. I’m wondering if you use outside writers for any of your marketing or communication needs?

(Wait for An Answer)

(If No) Thank you. (Hang Up)

(If Yes or Maybe)

Great! I have a comprehensive information packet (basically two brochures, the link to my website, portfolio, and letter of introduction) put together. It’ll tell you all about my past clients, give you some idea on prices, and some samples so you can get to know me and my work very quickly.

I’d like to email that to you. What’s the best email address to send it to?

(Wait for An Answer) – Get the email address

(Person’s name), I’m going to email that to you before the end of the day. Typically, when I send this out, new clients need about 3 or 4 days to look it over. And, they almost always have a few questions. What’s a good time to get back to you?

(Wait for An Answer) – get the time frame (3 or 4 days)

I rewrite the script all the time after I analyze how the calls go.

Other scripts from freelancers:

“As a freelance writer who had a 15-year career in financial services, I was intrigued by your new payment solution. I looked you up and saw you’re based right here in my town.”

After you’ve done research:

“I noticed you’ve set up a blog, but that it hasn’t been updated in a few months. As it happens, I’ve been blogging for years. Would you be interested in having a freelance writer with a banking background keep that updated for you? I’d be happy to drop by and discuss it with you.”

The Follow Up

I follow up with a customized email (letter of introduction, writing samples, “leave-behinds”) immediately.  ( I do research about the company behind hand).

I let them know I’ve done my research so they are aware I’ve already invested my time in their business.

I Call back 2 to 3 days later and no later than a week.

I use the 3-3-7 Formula

30 to 1 Ratio

10 people contacted multiplied times, 1 will be interested in talking to me, 1 of the 3 who will be willing to talk to me will hire me.

Cold Calling Schedule:

Call at any time during the weekday except Monday morning.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays are Prime Time

I try my hardest on Friday afternoons.

 They say will say NO!

Other forms of No are:

No. Thank You!

Not Right Now!

Not Interested!

I am Consistent and Persistent.

I just keep showing up.

Secondary Objectives

Let me think about it

I’m Not Ready

Keep Track of Everything

I use a Google Sheets document to keep track of everything.

Thank you for reading, contact us for all your copywriting/content marketing needs or spread the word about Stupendous Copy!



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