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Are you looking for a lead magnet or content that can creatively reach your prospect while still showcasing the benefits of working with your company?

Create a case study.

It’s succinct with classic storytelling elements so it is straight to the point. It helps with the buying decision because it is not promotion. What is it? Why choose me to write it? Find out below….

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What is a Case Study?

Stats Stuffed in A Story

Why A Stupendous Case Study?

Why A Stupendous Case Study?

Simple Format that Sells

Elements of Case Study I always Include



Project Time

I Add More Value

Gathering Information

Can Be Used For

Managing your Customer’s for the Case Study

The 10 Steps to a Stupendous Case Study

What is a Case Study?

How about a real-world before and after problem-solving story? That is told from the viewpoint of a credible source. I make sure it shows the solutions that are relevant to your prospect’s problems.

Think about a testimonial validated by the story behind the goal that was accomplished.

Use a story to stand out from your competitors.

Case studies can generate leads and close sales.

Stories engage your prospects in a different way than usual marketing materials.

90% of buyers who read positive customer success content claimed that it influenced their purchasing decision. – Dimensional Research

71% of B2B buyers in the awareness stage cited case studies as the most influential type of content. – Hawkeye Study 

77% of B2B buyers in the evaluation stage cited case studies as the most influential type of content. – Hawkeye Study 

60% of B2B buyers search for peer reviews and testimonials. – Google

Stats Stuffed in A Story

Narratives activate a part of the brain that helps people remember. The elements of stories are connected to the hardwired essence of our DNA. So instead of sending a bunch of numbers and facts, embed those statistics in a story. A great tale can move your prospects from fearful to confident. Case studies bring your products and/or services to life. They show the benefits of your company and how your product solved a real-world problem.

Why A Stupendous Case Study?

Well, let me craft a case study and you’ll have a sale/ partnership in no time.

I can just do the writing or manage the whole project, depending on your needs and/or budget.

I find your non-negotiable driver and based the project off of that.

Then I do my research.

I craft a case study that is unique to your marketing campaign.

Simple Format that Sells

A simple format of presenting the challenge can establish your credibility. By selling your solution, you can educate the prospect. Wrap up the story by detailing the outcome which will validate your expertise.

I like to focus on presenting value – how much money can your solution save them or will your solution generate more revenue. 

With my compelling writing that is result-oriented, the facts and figures can convince your prospect to buy your services based on emotion and logic.

Elements of Case Study I Always Include

Persuasive Lead

Sidebar with Information

Crafted into Your Industry’s Format.


$500 to $3000

(Depending on the number of pages)


Interviews, writing, editing, and complete management of the creative process.

Project Time

Eight to ten hours of interviewing, background research, and then writing.

I add More Value

Additional services to market the case study – capture a prospect’s email address in exchange for giving them access to the case study. Or it can be a downloadable PDF.

Landing Page ($100-$250)

Newsletter ($100-$250)

Article or Blog Post ($100-$250)

Email ($50 – $100)

Email signature ($25)

Social Media Content ($25-$50)

 LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook

Digital Marketing Plan/Creative Brief ($250)

Includes S.M.A.R.T., Case Study Description, Marketing Summary, Channels.

Gathering Information

Generate new sales, activate old customers, get media exposure, win industry awards, and reduce reference calls.

Can Be Used For

Websites, press releases, trade shows, in-person sales meetings, display ads, to train new employees, annual reports, and blog posts.

Managing your Customer’s for the Case Study

1. Client Pre-Qualify Customer

2. Internal Interviews

3. Customer Interview

4. Writing

5. Client Review

6. Customer Review

7. Customer Sign Off

8. Design

The 10 Steps to a Stupendous Case Study


Customer Background

The Challenges

 The Journey

The Solution


The Outcome – Facts and Stats

Summary in a Sidebar

Pull-Out Quotes

“Before and After” Metrics

Bonus Element


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