The 10 Steps to a Stupendous Case Study

1. Headline

Check out my article on my headline formula, here. “{4 Rules 2} Craft Magnetic Headlines in 5 Minutes.”

I focus on one idea that communicates the benefits to the prospect. My headlines in case studies are straight to the point and objective. I always include tangible results in the headline.

I typically go with a cause and effect headline.

2. Customer Background

In 50 to 100 words (three to six sentences), I describe your company’s customers.

The background section is based on asking the following questions….

Where the customer’s business is headquartered?

What the company manufactures or sells or delivers?

What types of customers do they target?

How long they’ve been around or when they were founded?

The number of employees?

Their number of locations?

Their main product lines or service offerings?

I also research the company’s website for the “about us” and/or any press releases, blog posts, and social media comments.

Any missing information is filled by the interview with the customer.

I pick the most relevant information. The relevance is based on the target audience and S.M.A.R.T. goals of the marketing/business material. 

3. The Challenges

Using the related products and services featured in the case study, a compelling story will show how the challenges faced by the customer were resolved.

Here, is where I take a deep dive into the challenge. I detail how the challenges were affecting the customer’s business, and why it was important to solve the problem.

I do this within 2-3 key challenges specific to the story. These challenges will be meaningful and important to the prospect because they are likely facing the same issues.

I focus on a challenge that is relevant to your audience.

4. The Journey

In this section of the case study, I detail the path from the problem to the solution to the positive outcome. I outline the pros and the cons. I highlight how your product or service ended up being the ultimate solution. Your prospect will see the credibility by the depth of the details in the story. The case study will lead them, like GPS, down the road of similar results in their imagination.

5. The Solution

In an educated and far from salesy tone I introduce your product or service as the answer to their “once hard” to solve problem(s).

I include all the products and/or services involved with thorough descriptions so there is no surprise if the prospect proceeds with utilizing your services or product. 

6. Implementation

Adding to the believability, I will craft a compelling scene of how your product or service was the solution. I detail the implementation providing the proof for each claim with concrete evidence. 

7.The Outcome – Facts and Stats

Here is the section, I like to incorporate tables and charts. I focus on the revenue generated, the production that increased and improved efficiency that is relevant to the story of the case study.

The why and how are highlighted as the results achieved are listed in a way that shows the impact your product or service had.

The impact will be shown on a specific level and an overall level of the business.

I never make the results seem better than they are. I just report the positive aspects that are achievable for your prospect reading the case study.

To add credibility, I insert a few of the regular results.  

8. Summary in a Sidebar

I grab your reader’s attention with scanner friendly key points that tell the gist of the story so the prospects short on time can still benefit from the material.

9. Pull-Out Quotes

I pick one or two customer quotes that detail the problems that were solved. The quotes add visual aspects to the case study for the quick readers.

I use the best quotes from the customer and edit them for clarity and grammar but they are always directly from the customer’s mouth.

10. “Before and After” Metrics

I insert a statistical snapshot of your customer’s situation before the solution and after the use of your product or service. Showcasing this contrast makes the results more tangible. I use the real numbers and I’m very specific about every adjustment made.

Success! You're on the list.

Bonus Element

You can always call me to update the case study. This provides a huge return on your investment as the second time around will not cost as much. Since I will just have to do research to update the statistics.

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