38 Ways to Create Headlines that Will Make Your Audience Click!


This blog post is an exception from my “The Ultimate Guide to Crafting Headlines.

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  1. Ask a question in the headline
  2. Tie-in to current events
  3. Create a new terminology
  4. Give news using the words “new,” “introduction,” or “announcing”
  5. Give a reader a command – tell him to do something.
  6. Use numbers and statistics
  7. Promise the reader useful information
  8. Highlight your offer
  9. Tell a story
  10. Make a recommendation
  11. State a benefit
  12. Make a comparison
  13. Use words that help the reader visualize
  14. Use a testimonial
  15. Offer a free special report, catalog, or booklet.
  16. State the selling proposition directly and plainly
  17. Arouse reader curiosity
  18. Promise to reveal a secret.
  19. Be specific
  20. Target a particular type of reader
  21. Add a time element
  22. Stress cost savings, discounts, or value.
  23. Give the reader good news.
  24. Offer an alternative to other products and services
  25. Issue a challenge
  26. Stress your guarantee
  27. State the price
  28. Set up a seeming contradiction
  29. Offer an exclusive the reader can’t get elsewhere
  30. Address the reader’s concern.
  31. Crazy as it Sounds
  32. Make a big promise
  33. Show ROI (return on investment) for the purchase of your product.
  34. Use a reasons-why headline
  35. Answer important questions about your product or service
  36. Stress the value of your premiums.
  37. Help the reader achieve a goal.
  38. Make a seemingly contradictory statement or promise.

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