How to Build an Empire with 14+ Free Google Tools

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So much more than a search bar, Google Tools has made life as a small business owner more efficient. 

Google is one of the Big Four technology companies and goes bar beyond its search bar.

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Utilizing these tools can increase your profit by enhancing your productivity.

Using Google’s services can enhance your digital marketing since “Google it” is an actual phrase.

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Google Has

  • Services designed for productivity
  • Email services
  • Cloud storage capability
  • Plus more services


Today, I’ll list some of the basic tools you can use that.

I have come to depend on them. Feel free to use the tools the way I do but more importantly I really hope this inspires you to share a few tips with others about how you use Google.

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Whether you are a small business owner or marketing professional Google has your back.

Google is my favorite corporation by far. The tools they have created make my life so much easier as a freelancer.  Not only do I have a Google phone, but my entire business runs off of tools that the giant has developed.

Google Apps

  1. For example, my creative process consist of using Google Keep, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides, and Gmail
  2. Also, I use Google Calendar and Google’s To-Do list to keep track of all my projects.
  3. My Google Pixel (phone) is my personal assistant. 
  4. I use Google search to find prospects and prospects use it to find me. 
  5. I send out a project questionnaire and a follow-up by using Google Forms
  6. I use Google Alerts to keep track of the latest digital marketing and copywriting trends. 
  7. And is listed on Google My Business.
  8. I even use Google Chrome as my primary browser. 
  9. Google Analytics provides valuable insight for my marketing efforts.
  10. Ads Keyword Planner & Search Console are key tools I use when I’m creating landing pages.
  11. Plus, I use Google Photos to store screenshots from my phone, laptop, and more.
  12. For research purposes, I use Think with Google, Google Trends, Google Public Data, and Google Scholar.
  13. But I admit, I need practice with Google Drawing.

Google Tools for the Creation Process

Google Forms

I use Google Forms to collect information for free from potential clients.  Check out my questions here.

You can use google forms for a lot of different purposes (surveys, questionnaires, party invites, event registration, etc).

You can view their responses in your google drive. 

Forms response chart. Question title: What’s the type of project?. Number of responses: 1 response.

You can download the responses into an excel sheet.

I use the answers as a baseline for the project I’m working on.

I use Google Keep to collect ideas, images, and thoughts to help with the copywriting project.

You can use it to store everything related to your project while you are on the go. It is stored in a cloud so you always have access to it.

Google Productivity

I use Google Docs to write and edit the document I’m working on. I love it because it saves automatically on the cloud so no work ever gets lost. Also, I can share the skeleton draft with the client without having to upload it to an email file. Plus, I can quickly make a copy of it to edit. 

I use  Google Slides to create marketing plans, creative briefs, and additional marketing materials.

I use Google Sheets to keep track of everything.

Google Gmail

I use  Gmail to send the completed project and to communicate with the client.

All of these tools are self-explanatory. As a small business owner or marketing professional, you will need to collaborate with others and share ideas without having to upload everything all the time. Plus it can be hard to keep track of all those changes. Let Google do it for you.

Google Tools for Project Management

Google Drive

Google Slides

Google Keep

See Above

Google Docs

See Above

Google Slides

See Above


See Above


Google emails

Google Forms

See Above

Google Calendar

I love the calendar because it provides multiple views of the day, week, month, etc.

I color code my task so I have a visual of what my day looks like.

Also, Google has a feature where my calendar is connected to my alarm clock so when I press off – the voice reads my calendar to me out loud while I’m still opening my eyes. It helps me envision my day.

Google’s To-Do list

A basic to-do list that stores online. You have access to it in your email and you can create multiple to-do lists that have reminds and time stamps.

Google Tools for Personal Assistant 

Google Alerts 

Google alerts is great way to stay on top of the trends. You can set up an alert that will be sent straight to your email.

Choose your topic and google will send articles related to that topic.

For example, I have “Digital Marketing” and “Copywriting” alerts.

Google Pixel

Although outdated, my phone is tailored to my every need.

Google Tools For Your Website

Google Insight About Consumers

Page Speed Insights

Mobile Speed

Google Digital Garage

Google Tools For Your Website Content

I use the following google tools plus other tools to do keyword research so my client’s landing pages rank.

Ads Keyword Planner

Search Console

If my clients provide behind the scenes access to the content. I use their Google Analytics states to craft more concise feedback based on what the feedback from the audience is.


Google’s search engine is the largest so use their tools to enhance your digital marketing skills and presence. Both can increase your ROI as a freelancer, a small business owner, or even a marketing professional at a small to medium business.

“Google changed the game.”

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