RuDaStu’s Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums of 2018

Welcome to RuDaStu’s Top Ten Hip-Hop Albums of the Year.

It was much harder than I thought trying to narrow down the list because there were a lot of good albums this year. I watch Everyday Struggle, music videos on Youtube, State of the Culture, all the Genius interviews, lyric breakdowns, etc. I’m sure the marketing and the presence of the artist affect this list as well but on a subconscious level. Hip-Hop is the soundtrack for my life and has inspired me to write poetry. The hard copy of my first poetry book, D.A.Z.E., is dropping soon but anyway back to the albums of the year. Cop the old ebook version here

My Top Ten is:

  1. Victory Lap
  2. KOD
  3. Daytona
  4. Luca Brasi 3
  5. Fetti
  6. Redemption
  7. Karma 2
  8. Role Model
  9. Stay Dangerous
  10. Die Lit



Victory Lap

Nipsey Hussle’s long-awaited debut studio album is my top album of the year for a few reasons. It’s like a Ted talk on how to build a business from the ground up. It’s so motivational I still listen to it at least once a week. On the mixtape scene for 13 years, Nipsey knew how to craft the perfect Grammy-nominated album to represent what he stands for. Black Capitalism weaves its way through his effortless flow as he tells his story of hustling to making music to entrepreneurship. The message was planted in his Marathon series, the mindset was apparent with the $100 mixtape Crenshaw, and it all came full circle with Victory Lap.


February 16, 2018

My Top Tracks:

Victory Lap

Keyz 2 the City 2

Blue Laces 2

Million While Your Young


“Last Time That I Checc’d”

“Rap Niggas”

“Hussle and Motivate”

“Double Up”

“Status Symbol”

“Victory Lap”



Any other year this would have been my number #1 album. J.Cole’s surprise on 4/20 proved to be a perfect project for the climate of hip-hop in 2018. He touches on so many issues in the black community, and all of American I would have to write an entire article devoted to that. His wise words for young rappers and his honesty about his mother’s pain were examples of why Cole is a top-tier lyrical legend of music. The addiction-themed flows start from the inside but end up with almost an outsider’s view of today popular styles of hip-hop.


April 20, 2018

My Top Tracks:









Pusha T’s album was the only one I enjoyed from the Good Music roll out and probably would have been my favorite album of the year if it was more than 7 tracks. That’s way too short for my taste but the quality of each song is so high the impact was priceless. Pusha T’s sharp lines flow over Ye’s best work of the year (to me)! The verse from Rick Ross blends well with the album and is one of the most memorable verses of the year. Fans of King Push were waiting for the album for a while but once it dropped it was full of lyrical gems.


May 25, 2018

My Top Tracks:

If You Know You Know

Hard Piano



“If You Know You Know”


Luca Brasi 3

Kevin Gates continued the Luca Brasi chapter detailing every part of his life in his unique fashion. His style is storyteller mixed with a master of the “flex” flow. I like the album being as comprehensive as a novel. Song after song adds layers to the story while detailing dealing with inmates, the law, family, and the streets. Obviously, this was his first release after getting out of jail so he focused on crafting a message to kids and his struggles. Overall the project was insightful yet has a lot of trap material.


September 27, 2018

My Top Tracks:

Adding Up


Great Man


“Adding Up”

“Great Man”

“Money Long”



A collaborative effort from Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs, and producer Alchemist, the album is soulful beats, lyrically exercising, and potent. A lot of people say Freddie Gibbs outshines Curren$y but I don’t hear it. Their contrasting styles are evident, as Freddie’s aggressive flow tugs on your eardrums, while the Spitta’s flow is super smooth and steady.  The tape is like a gift that you forgot about but when you opened it forgot about everything else. Gangsta Gibbs lyrical ability is severely underrated as his witty wordplay about crime, woman, weed, and guns never fail to impress me. Curren$y vivid verses about his lifestyle at always on point. Alchemist’s production needs an article of its own it was ridiculous.


October 31st, 2018

My Top Tracks:

Saturday Night Special

Location Remote

Willie Lloyd






Jay Rock killed this album detailing gangbanging, his struggles, overcoming everything, and his street life storytelling ability is the key to that. With each hard-hitting verse, he embodies someone who perfected their craft with a delivery and lyrics that are dynamic. Each song serves its purpose to give the album a well-rounded feel as Jay Rock raps about the projects he grew up in and the crimes he committed but he also talks about the negative realities of these choices. He also celebrates life and his accomplishment throughout the album. His survival of the motorbike accident in 2016 seems to be the foundation of the music and from there Jay Rock touches ever mood one would feel on the road to redemption.  


June 15, 2018

My Top Tracks:









Karma 2

Dave East touches bases with everybody in Hip-Hop with this project. Although there is plenty of modern production, the project reminds me of the ’90s with his lyrical ability mixed with star power. 19 tracks with verses from Fabolous to Gunna, BlocBoy JB, Lil Durk, Trouble, and Don Q, the tape is New York influenced storytelling paired with new age trap lingo and sounds. Clearly, this music is for the underground scene as the Harlem native says in his comfort zone. I don’t enjoy every song on the project, so I think it could have been a little more comprehensive. However, when East and the beat mesh it almost an instant classic in today’s hip-hop and on this project he has 5 songs that could be on his debut album.  


July 27th, 2018

My Top Tracks:

“I Don’t Understand”




“I Don’t Understand”

“No Stylist”

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Stay Dangerous

YG captures LA’s culture and his growth with this album but it has a lot of subpar lyrics. To me, this album flew under the radar because it was released the same week as Travis Scott’s Astroworld.  I was in L.A. when this album dropped so that may have to do with the position of this album. YG dominates his lane with good music but his album has no overall focus. It seems like certain songs were at the YG standard while a few tracks were just thrown on the album. His energy is unmatched and his style is unique enough to always have an impact.


August 3, 2018

My Top Tracks:

10 Times


Too Bazy


“Suu Whoop”

“Big Bank”



download (1)

Role Model

Young Dolph got a lot of attention when he said, “Fuck the 22 million,” and the album details why he made that decision. The South Memphis Kingpin is a role model for every entrepreneur. He is not signed to a label yet generates the same amount of attention as someone plugged in with industry insiders. While lyrically there’s not much there but trap talk and flexing, the album still has a touch of substance to inspire. Since the music is for hustle minded people I can see why a lot of people would bypass this project but based off of Dolph’s position in the game I thought it captured the moment perfectly.  


September 21st, 2018

My Top Tracks:

By Mistake

Break The Bank

Playin Wit a Check



“By Mistake”

“Playin Wit a Check”

“Break the Bank”

“Still Smell Like It”

“Black Queen”

download (3)

Die Lit

Playboi Carti has a lane, a sound, and he killed it with his album. While it may not be quite counted as a Hip-Hop album it is still one of the best projects that came out this year. I’m not a huge fun of Playboi but this project is perfect for its cause. Die Lit is new age hip-hop where there is just as much singing as there is rapping but for some reason, I enjoyed his style of doing it while most of the time I can’t stand it from other artists. I can’t quote any of the lyrics to you but I use to have all the melodies in my head whenever I listened to Playboi Carti debut.


May 11, 2018

My Top Tracks:

Fell in Love (Ft. Bryson Tiller)

Long Time (Intro)



Honorable Mentions:

FM!-Vince Staples

The World is Yours – Rich the Kid

The Book of Ryan – Royce da 5’9”

Gangland Landlord – Mozzy

Beloved – Dave East & Styles P

Freddie – Freddie Gibbs

Dicarpio 2 – J.I.D.

Not All Superheros Wear Capes – Metro Boomin



More Details About Daze (EBook)

The Depicted Abstractions of a Zoned Ebony (D.A.Z.E.) is a collection of 25 poems focusing on the psychology established constructs of motivation, pride, love, intelligence, and conformity. Readers are brought into the mind of Rudy the Stupendous Writer, through his poetic persona, as his honest and intimate thoughts are organized in cynical and conscious poetry.

My writing persona conveys the attitude, heart, experience, and spirit of African-Americans and Hip-Hop culture into poetry.



………there’s much more.

Cop the old ebook version here

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12+ Editing Tools Right Now

Every professional needs “tools of the trade” to complete the job at the highest level. Writer’s need help crafting their words so their content can be clear, concise, and creative on a consistent basis. I’ve gathered my favorite editing tools that help me create content faster allowing my business to be efficient.

The faster and more efficient you become at your craft the more confidence grows and soon enough you’ll have no insecurities.

(Leave a comment and tell me what you think. Please provide any additional tools).

Tools Used for Editing:


A Mac editing software.


My Stupendous Brain

Self-explanatory. I have to trick my brain by reading out loud from the last sentence to the first but I catch the most errors that way.


Software that integrates into your browser to help prevent mistakes.


Grammarly is my go-to because it is a free writing assistant that can be used as an online editing tool, a spellchecker on your phone, WordPress, and your Google Docs. It quickly lets you know what errors there are and gives you a score as it focuses on correcting over 250 types of grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, and vocabulary usage.

There is a free version but there is also a paid version that offers more features.

Grammarly has a blog that provides writing tips.

I love to use this tool to quickly edit and proofread my content, social media post, text messages, emails, and everything else that gives written communication.

4.Hemingway Editor

 I use this editor to get directions on my sentence structure as its strength lies in its ability to highlight long hard to read to read sentences. It also lets the writer know if there are too many adverbs,  if there is to much use of passive voice, and if there is a better word choice. It is an online tool that gives writers tips on creating a better document by providing a readability score (based on grade level).  It also has a counter for words, characters, paragraphs, and sentences.

I love using this tool to ensure my writing is tight and simple.

5.Microsoft Word Spellchecker

I use this tool just because it is there. It works for basic spell checks but nothing else.

I do love using the read outloud feature.


This tool is an online proofreader I used for college. It checks the grammar of the content, provides suggestions, and looks into plagiarism.

I love this tool to check for plagiarism.


A grammar, editing, and style software that focuses on helping the writer express their ideas clearly.

I love the summary report it produces as an add-on for Google Docs.  The report explains style and grammar gives you a score in a wide range of categories.

For example, it analyzes the number of glue words you use.

The tool also has a blog that provides writing tips in all areas of the profession.

I love to use this tool to ensure my writing style is sharp and on point.

There is a free version and there is a premium version.

If you write a blog post and it gets published – they give the premium version to you for free for a year.  

8.Proofread Bot

(Google Docs Add-On)

I use this application as a Google docs add-on. It doesn’t do much for me but it does catch the occasional error.


I don’t use smart edit, but I tried it for 10 days. It is a Microsoft Word add-on targeted towards creative writers.

10.Slick Write 

This online editor is free and offers corrections on vocabulary variety, adverbs, pronouns, and uncommon words.

I use this tool to focuses on stylistic mistakes as it divides its analysis into the structure, grammar, and spelling.


This online editor aims for precise editing to assist with crafting strong prose. It provides information such as the amount of time it would take to read your content but there is no grammar checking.  It offers stats like word and character count.

The company also has a blog.

I love this online editor because it has text to speech so I can hear content out loud.

12.Writing Reviser 

(Google Docs Add-On)

I use this application as a Google docs add-on. It is free has a very comprehensive system for checking everything a professional writer needs to worry about.

This is my favorite app for editing because it breaks down the document is a multitude of ways that are extremely important to copywriting.

Additional Tools for Editing


On Writing Well

A reference book for writing quality words, sentences, and paragraphs.

Proofreading Handbook

A well-written reference book by on how to proofread. It provides a formula for dead/live versions of the document that ensure accurate and consistent editing.  She walks the reader through a step-by-step process for editing and proofreading.

Online Resources

Grammar Girl 

An online reference that breaks down a lot of the grammar rules.

Tools for Editing Web Copy




Live Keyword Analysis 

Social Mention


Keyword Finder

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Copywriting Questionnaire

It is based on Carol Tice’s copyblogger post, and Peter Bowerman’s Discovery Questions from Back For Seconds

I send a much shorter verison to the prospects via Google Forms.


Can you define your project?

What’s the purpose of this (brochure, direct mail piece, ad, etc.)?

How will it be used?

How do you currently market your business, product, or services?

What are the main points you want to convey in this piece?

Do you have a company tagline or slogan? If not, have you considered creating one?

If money were not a factor, what would be your ideal marketing campaign?


When will the project start?

When does the project need to be completed (deadline)?


What is the budget for the project?

What is your payment method?

Working With

Who will be the editor?

What is your preferred method of communication?

What is your expectation of my availability?

Research Assistance on the Audience

May I see your existing marketing materials?

Who is the target audience? hot buttons? pain points?

 Is it the same as your target customer?

Is there any market research?

What’s important to the people in this group?

What motivates them?

How do they think?

How do they talk?

What words and language will get through to them?

What’s going on to turn their heads and get them to pay attention?

Once they pay attention, what will it take to get them to take action?

When it comes to considering a product like yours, what issues are important to this audience?

What makes your business, product, or service unique?

What do you do better than the competition?

What are your company’s short and long-term goals?

Who is your major competitor and where do you rank in the industry?

Will I be allowed to use this piece as a sample in my portfolio?


Questions for Me?

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How to Sell the Angle that Your Business is Unique

The 6th habit of “The 25 Sales Habits of Highly Successful Salesperson” is to engage the prospect.

Although, I don’t consider myself a salesperson – as a writer of copy and a small business owner I have to sell my services to live. Therefore, selling my service is marketing for me.

I prefer to engage the prospect directly by communicating how I can solve a problem they have.

As a freelance copywriter,

I have to introduce my business to small business owners or people in charge of marketing through a letter of introduction.

Letter of Introduction is a pitch letter to a potential client.

Letters of introduction are a good marketing tool to pitch my services because the letter showcases my writing talent and the research that I’ve done to show the business how I can assist them. I display my knowledge of their industry and my writing experience.  I think of letters of introductions as a writing audition.

Basics of the Letter of Introduction:

Research the brand/company.

Send it to the right person

Keep it short

Match the tone and style of the prospect

Insert Personality

Don’t suck up to the prospect

Basics of the Letter of Introduction Email:

Email subject line

Signature sign off

Limited the Word Count to 400, but aim for 200. The sweet spot in 150.


I send out letters of introductions Monday-Friday (Mainly on Tuesdays)

I never send them on the weekend because it comes off unprofessional. I prefer Tuesdays because it is not Monday or Friday but since gives me time to follow up without contacting the prospect too much.

The Research that Has to be Done Before the Letter is Created:

Research is the most important part of the letter. I approach the letter like it was a job interview – I have to make a good impression to get the gig.

I make sure the prospect is in an industry where the letter of introduction is appropriate it. I research the market that the business is in and research what the business needs.

Then I find out who to send the letter of introduction to.

This usually involves prospecting.

I try to get my foot in the door through a “warm” connection, like telling a story or maybe name-dropping someone who is known mutually or if I cold called I mention that.

I mention I’m a freelancer writer right away so they know the purpose of the letter but I make sure to tie it into the warm connection if applicable.

I keep in mind the tone and style of the industry as I create the premise of the letter. I basically put myself in the position of the prospect and think about what I would need to market my business, product, etc.


Step 1 Headline/ (Introduction):

I don’t work on the headline until the end but I get the info from my introduction. I think about the headline first, because 80% of people will only read the headline and 20% will read the actual body of the letter. 

I customize the introduction and show the business I did my homework by mentioning something specific such as:

a recent blog post, press release, news story or interview, certification or award, or a promotion.

I make a warm connection without writing a fan letter.


I point out something specific about a prospect and offer a brief comment or compliment.


1-2 Paragraphs

Step 2: Customize your Bio (Short & Sweet)

Introduce yourself as a freelance writer early in the letter of introduction. 


I insert my elevator speech.


My experience will help the prospect….


1-3 short sentences.

Step 3: Show off your personality

I say something to start a conversation, get a response, increase engagement, build a relationship so I can land an assignment.

I avoid using business formal language and I make it conversational.

I’m myself. 

(use contractions and add a little humor).

Step 4: Encourage engagement

I get the clients thinking about their content needs, upcoming projects, and or even content-related headaches with thought-provoking questions like:

Do you need help with your blog?

What upcoming content projects do you need help with?

Need help from a freelancer until you fill the full-time position?

What articles do you need to assign for the upcoming issue?

Check out some of my samples (and include links to relevant clips)

Can we set up a 10-minute phone call to talk about your content needs?

I insert a call to action that focuses on me doing most of the action.


Can I send you some related clips?


I ask them a  thoughtful engagement (probing) question or follow up with a call to action.

Vehicles to Send Them Through

Letters of Introduction can be sent via email, LinkedIn Mail, and through direct messages on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

Letters of Introductions are different than Query Letters.

Follow Up the Letter

Follow up with people every 2-3 months to build a relationship with the prospect. 

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How to Prospect for Great Clients When You’re a Creative

I learned from the WELL-FED WRITER, Peter Bowman, that if your market yourself on a consistent basis, you will put yourself ahead of about 95% of your competitors.

Story Time:

About a year ago, I moved into my first property (a small condo just outside of Atlanta). I negotiated with the seller to have them give me money to fix a simple leaky faucet in the bathroom. I hired an older gentleman that actually bought the first condo ever built in my community. He found out I was a freelance copywriter, so he recommended I read this friend’s book. I paid him no mind as he seemed to be a very talkative person.

It just so happens his friend was Peter Bowerman, author of The Well-Fed Writer. Once I read the book and got a chance to meet Peter I realize my approach to getting clients was backwards. As a former salesman who started a commercial writing business, he was never concerned with the essence of being a “creative.” His only concern was to make money. His secret was prospecting! Now that is my focus when it comes to marketing my business.

Below is a quick guide to what I learned about prospecting, which for a creative/writer is a little different than a small business and corporate America.

Prospecting is Finding and Pre-Qualifying Appropriate Prospects

Prospecting for me is finding the best opportunities to get paid well for my skills. Since the services I offer are content marketing and business writing I search for people (prospects) who need writing work done and are willing to pay livable rates.

I had to systemize the process of prospecting for my business to become successful because it is time-consuming and a never-ending endeavor.

Developing a Basic Prospecting System

I had to systemize the process of prospecting for my business since I have to spend time working on projects but can’t stop marketing since I am a freelancer (The Purpose Paradox).

Build a List of Quantified Prospects

Use tools (details below) to find people who will need your services and compile all their information in a spreadsheet.

Personalize Your Approach Based on Your USP

Show the prospect you care by doing research and pinpointing what they may need help with.

Provide Proof

Ensure the prospects that you are a legit business and interested in taking care of their needs.

Be Ready to Deliver the Best Work You Ever Did

Be prepared to do a good job if you want to win the prospect over so you can keep them as a regular client.


Always be prepared to follow-up.

Knowing 80 percent of people out there will not need my business, I decided to create formulaic ways of going about the process so valuable time doesn’t get wasted.

It starts with studying your market (Research, Research, Research)!

You find prospects that need your services by building a list of prospects by using tools (see below for a quick list).

Reach out to the prospects and then follow-up.

Pay the number’s game.

How to Build a List of Prospects

I developed a “search” criteria based on my prior experiences, my skills, and my interest/hobbies/passions to narrow down the markets I reach out to (this is my unique selling proposition).

The main component I look for is if the opportunity pays well.

Quality is better than quantity so I target high-quality prospects.

Tools to Find Prospects

Google Searches

The Writer’s Market

a Lot of Blogs Have “Best Paying List”

The Yellow Pages

Local Publications


I Network at Local Events


Local Business Directories

Job Boards

Who I Prospect

I reach out to publications that pay writers well for their work to keep a steady flow of income that is tied in with exposure.


I follow the submissions guidelines (which usually includes pitching your story idea).


I find the editor’s email and then send a query letter with at least 2 clips to pitch my story idea.

Trade Journals

I find the editor-in-chief or top editor’s email and them send a letter of introduction with at least 2 clips and a limited breakdown of the idea(s) I have.

I also reach out to businesses to see if they work with freelance copywriters because they usually pay better for writing jobs, but the amount of exposure is much lower (very little social proof).

Small & Medium Businesses



Small Ad Agencies/ Marketing Agencies

Ways to Prospect (The cornerstone of any business).

Cold Calling

I aim for at least 50 calls a week but will make up to 500 calls (to different businesses) depending on the niche.

When I call I ask to speak to Marketing Managers, Chief Copywriters, Media Contacts, Public Relations/ Communications Directors, or Creative Directors (Marketing or Ad Agency).

If it is a small business, I’ll ask for the owner or manager.


When I call I don’t do much selling, instead I get the email address so I can send a letter of introduction.

Direct mail


I reach out to local businesses on Alignable.

I network with entrepreneurs I met in social groups and do work for their businesses.

Networking with Other Creatives (Referrals):

I also network with other writers to see if they have any leftovers.

If they do, then I follow up with an email containing a letter of introduction along with 2 “leave-behinds.”

I also try to partner with 4 to 5 Local graphic designers (I got this from the Well-Fed Writer).

I reach out to web designers, illustrators, traffic specialists, marketers, videographers, and photographers.

I had to play it by ear at first to find out the most effective way to market my services, when to market my services, and how much marketing I needed to do.

My Goal:

60% of my time is spent looking for business and 40% actually doing it.

Right now I spend most of my time marketing and do gigs as they come.

The moral of the story is you never know where an opportunity will come from. Obviously, there is no telling where your chance will come from but to become financially self-sufficient you have to take calculated risks that separate starving artist from profitable creatives. It is definitely hard work and with a smart approach it’s manageable, so apply yourself and stand out from all the freelancers. Free yourself from being a slave to your employee and that barely livable paycheck.

Keys to Successful Copywriting Business Based on Peter Bowerman’s Well-Fed Writer Formula



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How the Pain of Property Taxes is Eased!

According to The Urban Institute via CNBC, millennials are less likely to be homeowners due to student loans, waiting to get married until age 30, and paying high rent for long periods of time.

Individuals without a ton of money (like myself) don’t buy homes because:

The Closing Cost

The Down Payment

The Cost to Move

The Getting Settled Cost


The Cost of Property Taxes

are expensive altogether.

However, purchasing a home is still a great investment in the long run especially if you buy in an up and coming area where the value of your property can rise over time.

I just had a scare. When the property taxes were right around the corner in Cobb County, Georgia I wasn’t sure I’d make it to Halloween. My heart dropped when I opened that bill from the county even though everything was explained to me by my mortgage company and my real estate agent (Hey, Michelle).

However, all of my future pain was eased by simply reading about my escrow account.

Read below to see what I found out.

Mortgage companies/ lenders are not willing to take the risk the homeowner will not pay their property taxes, which are usually due once or twice a year.

To help combat the issues of borrower’s having issues with paying the taxes, mortgage companies tend to set up an escrow account in their name and it is usually mandatory under the mortgage terms.

Lenders establish the escrow account to pay:

Property taxes

Homeowners insurance

Your monthly payment includes the escrow account amount as well as the principal and interest portion of the mortgage account, however, the money for the escrow account is deposited separately.

The amount of money that goes into the escrow account is estimated by the mortgage company/lender on a yearly basis.

If the lender underestimates you have to pay the difference (typically, the lender will spread out payments over a year).

If the lender overestimates, you get a refund.

Property taxes will change over time so will your escrow.

You can claim the deductions on your taxes (along with your mortgage interest).

The funds are handled by an escrow agent.

If you have any questions or issues, contact your lender immediately as the payment is your responsibility.

Bonus Tip:

Once you build up enough equity in your home (at least 20%) and are current on your payments you may have the option to cancel your escrow payment. If done, paying the property taxes and insurance, on time in full, is now your responsibility.

Luckily for me, I’ve paid my mortgage on time every month so I just stuffed the property tax bill in my property binder and starting writing this.

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Is Breast Cancer A Brand? + 4 Preventative Tips

I know you see the pink flags, logos, banners, shirts, and lights?

Probably not as often as you use to but October is still Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a certified movement.

A cause organized by major breast cancer charities to raise awareness and money that had a huge marketing impact over the past few years using a pink ribbon, branding partnerships, and the power of emotional connections.

Breakdown of Breast Cancer:

Breast Cancer is a disease in which cancer cells form in the tissues of the breast.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the United States.

1 in 8 women will develop it in their lifetime.

As women age their risk increases.

Most women are diagnosed after the age of 50.

A combination of factors lead to one getting diagnosed with breast cancer.

With breast cancer having such a negative effect on society it is important the National Breast Cancer Foundation, founded in 1991, finds creative ways to promote early detection.

By connecting pink with Breast cancer and the month of October the organization can create hope and support for those already diagnosed, raise awareness amongst people who are affected directly or indirectly and create a time to remember for those who have passed from Breast cancer.

With the use of the awareness ribbon, society has responded by donating time, energy, and money to the cause allowing women who are uninsured to afford the cost of a screening test “Mammogram.”

The Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon

People are inclined to help since the pink ribbon now represents an emotional connection as it depicts goodwill towards women.

It creates international awareness for getting tested early and how early detection is extremely important.

It empowers society by reminding women to take control of their health by educating themselves about their bodies.

Although the general population may still not understand breast cancer in its entirety, there are over 3.3 million breast cancer survivors in the United States.

While the number doesn’t correlate with the money or awareness raised, it is obvious the branding of the pink ribbon has made a significant impact on Americans.

Now October is not only known for Halloween, NFL, NBA, MLB games but also Breast Cancer.

Every October sprouts pink products that donated a small portion of their profit to support the cause.

Breakdown of Pink Ribbon

Pink is considered feminine and associated with it are stereotypical feminine gender roles, mainly caring for people.

Ribbons are used to create awareness when short pieces are folded in a loop as they represent the universal symbol for social or disease awareness.  

Wearers of the ribbon use it to make a statement of support.

Together it represents the fear & the hope of breast cancer.

Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer

1st Tip – Be Active

Weight Control

Healthy Diet -Eat Your Veggies & Fruits

Quit Smoking

2nd Tip – Know Your Family History

Ask Questions?

3rd Tip – Check For Lump Regularly

Aim for Early Detection

Get Your Annual Mammography

4th Tip – Reduce the Toxins to Reduce the Risk

Chronic stress lowers immune function increases the likelihood of getting ill.  

Some research suggests medical-imaging can be linked to radiation exposure which increases the risk.

Exposure to environmental pollutants even Wifi and Cellphones increases the likelihood of getting sick.

Oral contraception increases the risk of getting breast cancer by up to 50%.



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Birth of Brand Jordan: The Power of Branding

#Shoesday Special

Birth of Brand Jordan

Air Jordan 12 Retros “Playoffs”

“The Jordan brand became official as a Nike subsidiary with the release of the Air Jordan 12.” – Flight Club


As a copywriting company, we study marketing giants like Nike to improve our knowledge of what is effective and why.


  • What stands out most about Nike is every product has a story.
  • To me, the best stories come from Nike’s sister company, Brand Jordan/Jordan Brand.

Growing up in the ‘90’s I was heavily influenced by the marketing of Jordan’s shoes to the point I recently (2018) had the undeniable desire to buy my favorite pair of all-time, the “Playoff” 12’s.

Even today, I am inspired by the simple and clean design (it is art to me).

I loved the shoe even more once I learned Jordan brand became its own company with the release of its 12th Jordan.

StockX copywriting


StockX copywriting call to actions

Once I got my hands on the pair of retros released in 2012 (Thanks, StockX), I decide to look into the “why” these were my favorite shoe even though they originally came out in 1996. Obviously, I knew it had to do with the marketing but “what” about it made these shoes valuable in 2018 and how could I apply that to my own company, Stupendous Copy.


The Power of Branding:

Through its use of stories to brand the shoes, Jordan Brand has built a loyal fan base and continues to sell new versions of the shoe (International Flight), old versions of the shoes (Playoffs), and collaborations with fashion designers and entertainers (PSNY).

The stories connect with their audience through “emotional branding” which induces emotions from the consumer by being carefully crafted to evoke particular emotions and needs that can only be satisfied by Jordan products. ***psychology alert***

The brand targets 13-25-year-old males that participate in high school and college sports, as well as fans of basketball so every story is geared toward that audience.

The original commercial for the release of the “playoff” 12’s has Jordan playing the role of a “traditional narrative hero” working to overcome adversity (his age).

Check it Out

(The copywriting in the script is amazing)

The commercial is meant to inspire the masses by simpling saying even the great athletes like Jordan have to overcome issues.

Nike also infuses the features of the product is its marketing to enhance the effectiveness of the story.

For example, one feature of the Jordan 12  is its technology known as Zoom Air.

“Retro basketball shoes are the reason the brand still has value 15 years after Michael Jordan has retired.” – Rudy the Stupendous Writer

Incorporated Jordan into the Brand:

The main concept of Jordan’s branding is showcasing the character traits that make him a successful basketball player through the copywriting. The brand became known for its quality as it shaped the consumer’s mind into loyal customers.

With their branding focusing on appealing to consumer’s emotions, they position their product as a superior shoe due to Jordan wearing them himself along with offering consumers high-quality materials that in theory translated to high-quality performances while being stylish.  

Based on branding, Jordans became a status symbol and fashion statement as the logo was easily recognized by people not even familiar with sports. With that type of branding power, the shoes were able to be priced at a premium rate. That value created by the brand allows companies like StockX to make a business out of reselling authentic Jordans no matter how old they are.

Impact of the Brand:

In 2015, Jordan Brand owned 96% of the resale market – according to Josh Luber, the CEO of StockX.

In 2016, Michael Jordan had sold eight times more Jordans than the signature line of LeBron James, the top player in the NBA.

In 2017, Jordan Brand was estimated to be worth $3 billion dollars.

Quick Run Down of the “Playoff” Twelves:

clone tag: 8559497182891457340


Tinker Hatfield

Name Origin:

Jordan debuted the color during the games of the 1997 NBA playoffs.

Release Dates:

Nov 1996 (Original)




Black/Varsity Red-White-Metallic Silver

Shoe Details:

1st official Jordan brand shoe.
Traditional leather uppers – stitched panels inspired by the Japanese Rising Sun flag “Nisshoki.”

Toe and accent – full leather reptile.

“Two 3” on the 👅.

Small “Jumpman” printed along the side panel in silver.

1st Jordan to feature zoom air.

No Nike branding.

“Quality inspired by the greatest player ever” on back tag.

Other Notable 12’s:

“Flu Game”


Collaborations/Highly Limited Colorways:

PSNY collaborations
OVO collaboration

“Challenge Me” Commercial.

Known for:
One of the most durable Jordans in the line.

clone tag: -7936390918642969413


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10 Steps to Crafting A Creative Brief

The key to having a comprehensive marketing campaign is a CREATIVE BRIEF.


A creative brief is a document that explains the ins and outs of a project for all the creative people involved.


It is the BLUEPRINT for your project as it shapes the goals while hinting at what strategies to use.

It provides the GUIDELINES for the deliverables.

It ensures everything is aligned with both parties expectations and business needs by providing the smallest details that are informative.

It is formatted in:

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint Presentation, PDF, or Google Docs.

Normally a company and a copywriter will create a creative brief for a project.

(Stupendous Copy & Creative Briefs)

I will craft a creative brief for your project with us but I can craft an in-depth creative brief that you can use a starting point for any marketing project.

I utilize this service to help smaller business thrive.

I have a basic template but I create the brief based the needs of each business, promotion, and or product.

STEP 1, The Who:

We will ask a lot of questions about your company, looking for a unique angle and to get a better understanding of what you offer your audience (customers).

We’ll also google you, and try to see what we can find out for ourselves. We basically pretend we are the audience.

STEP 2, The Type:

We will ask a lot of questions about the project. If you are not sure what route to take we can suggest projections and point out what direction is the best way to go once we complete the brief.

STEP 3, The Essence:

We will ask a lot of questions about the purpose of the project and determine what we want the desired outcome to be. We will develop low expectations and expectations.

STEP 4, The Target:

We will ask questions about who you are trying to reach. If you don’t know we will do research to find out who.

STEP 5, The Deliverables:

We will ask questions about how you want the campaign to be presented. If you don’t know we will make suggests.

STEP 6, The Competition:

We will ask questions about who your competition is and what they are doing? If you don’t know we will do research. Once again from the point of view of the audience.

STEP 7, The Tone and The Style:

We will ask for previous marketing materials to ensure the tone and style matches your brand unless the purpose of the project is to be different.

We define what action we want the audience to take.

We define will align the message of the project with the objectives. of your company

STEP 8, The Deadline:

We will ask a lot of questions to determine the timeline and the deadline.

STEP 9, The Budget:

We will define a budget and agree upon a price for each aspect of the project or the project as a whole.

STEP 10, The List:

Provide us with a list of people who need to review the final document(s).

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Are You Doing the Right Thing When Crafting a Tagline?

You’re missing out on a golden marketing nugget if your business doesn’t have a tagline.

  1. They create a memorable dramatic effect that sums up the premise of your product.
  2. They can strengthen the audience’s memory and reaction with your product.

Taglines Are:

essentially short text that provides clarity for your brand, the current campaign, or to connect to metadata on social media.

also known as slogans that can be used to make market your brand, product, or service.

For Example:

My company name is Stupendous Copy.

Alone, Stupendous Copy may be confusing to people who don’t know what copywriting is.

Also, the word “Copy” has 6 different definitions and can be a noun or a verb.

So I created a tagline to help make it clear what I do.

My Tagline:

Do The Write Thing

Since the name of our company doesn’t imply to the layperson what I do, I decided to come up with a tagline that has the word “Write” in it.

“Do The Write Thing” is a play off of Spike Lee’s 1989 classic movie, “Do The Right Thing” that has won trophies from the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, NAACP Awards, and many more.

The premise of the movie is other races’ own properties in predominately African-American neighborhoods that are profitability because of the people in the community, yet they don’t do anything to appeal or help out the community. Since causes a huge brawl between everybody and at the end of it, a neighborhood legend is killed.

To me, the moral of the story is to own a business so you can empower yourself and the community.

I also create a whole campaign around the tagline, where I used the phrase to apologize to his family and friends and promised to “Do The Write Thing” by starting Stupendous Copy.

The campaign was used to jumpstart the launch of Stupendous Copy.

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