Why Deadlines are the Life of a Stupendous Freelancer? (Pt. 1)

Disclaimer: This blog post series is based on my experience with SkillPath Seminars’ Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives, and Deadlines. As well as Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

My Question to You is:

Are you on a never-ending quest to become more productive?

Since you are the CEO of your time what are the keys to managing it? 

I struggled with beating deadlines for the 1st year. Until one day…

*I found 7 Hacks that can maximize your time and increase your profit.* Implement these strategies in your life to enhance your abilities as a freelancer and watch your value raise.

Last year, I struggled to manage multiple projects, so I never had time to market myself.

This year, I spend more time marketing myself and I consistently have more projects.

Read my “Power of Words” case study.

I compare the journey to an athlete that is training his/her body movements to be efficient, increasing their chances of a lengthy career.  

I’ll show you how to become more productive later on but for now, let me ask you…… 

Do you believe in Parkinson’s Law – “Work expands to fill the time available for its completion?”

Whatever the answer is, set yourself up for success by asking questions, being organized, multitasking, and being effective

Develop strong habits that enhance your time management skills (the most valuable resource any of us have). 

This post is the quickest way to become more effective at beating deadlines. These hacks work right now.  

In short: 

Beating more deadlines equates to more money (it’s really simple math).

Meeting deadlines is a thing of the past. In today’s world you have to dominate the deadlines to impress clients. 

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7 Habits of Highly Effective People 

Habit 1

Habit 2

Habit 3

Habit 4

Habit 5

Habit 6

Habit 7

Effective Habits to Beat Deadlines 

(It starts within)

After reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey I implemented these principles into my life. I can now tap into my physical, mental, and spiritual resources to dominate deadlines. 

The habits are for long-term empowerment as they shift your paradigms from the inside out. They utilize the brains ultimate tool, perception, to operate in excellence. 

“The essence of effective time and life management is to organize and execute around balanced priorities.” – Stephen R. Covey 

Habit#1 (Self Victory)

Be Proactive 

The habit of proactivity is the key element to beating deadlines. Be “Solution Selling” at all times. Approach life creating opportunities so your circle of influence is larger than your circle of concern. 

Realize what you have control over, indirect control over, or no control over. 

Being self-aware by evaluating and learning from your experiences can lead to

Automatic processes like creating client qualifying questionnaires.

Having templates for LinkedIn and having letters of introduction ready.

Always using the same process for crafting business/marketing materials.  

By taking the initiative and developing these procedures and processes, you can spend more time on the areas of improvement in your business.

For example

 I make most of my money off of marketing myself online. As I became more efficient I was able to go to networking events. Networking in person increases my opportunities. Since I have systems in place, I still have time to take on the new opportunities while continuing to marketing myself online.  

“Our behavior is a function of our decisions, not our conditions.”- Stephen R. Covey 

Habit#2 (Self Victory)

Begin with the end in mind

The mission brings the money so start with a clear understanding of your deadlines.

What’s deeply important to you? Use it to envision what you’re going to do and then execute it. 

Create a mental blueprint and then create a physical plan to execute.

 Begin with the end in mind with each aspect of the project so that you can destroy the deadline. 

Organize all the elements of the project with the mindset of “measure twice, cut once.”

Think about the budget, the research, the development, marketing, and etc with the final deadline in mind. 

Being effective is not solely dependent on effort but rather if that effort is in the right area. 

Use your imagination, will, and conscience. 

Development a personal mission statement based off of your Circle of Influence. 

Make sure it is centered around Family, Money, Work, Possession, Church Pleasure, or a Friend/Enemy so you will be motivated by your mission. 

Some examples are… 

Hustle while you wait

The mission follows the money 

Plan tomorrow’s work today

Habit#3 (Self Victory)

First Things First (effective vs efficiency) 

Understand time is limited. It is the most valuable resource any of us have. 

Set limits on your time wasters



Family members

Significant others 

Organize and execute around priorities

Use a time management matrix to determine when to get something done. 

Identify your role in the project and see what part you play in the bigger picture. 

Long-term organizing includes 

Mission Statement – Roles – Goals

Weekly organizing includes  


Start with a plan and make a to-do list 

Put deadlines on your to-do list tasks and goals to beat the deadline every time. 

Habit#4 (Public Victory)

Think Win-Win

There are plenty of opportunities for everybody if you think win/win and only accept the projects you can excel at. 

Approach your deadlines like human interactions. 

The project can consist of Win/Win-Win/Lose-Lose/Win-Lose/Lose Win No Deal paradigms

Win-Win projects equals character, relationships, and agreements which are the foundation of a successful freelancing business. 

Win/Win is a total philosophy of human interaction where all parties feel good about the decision and feel committed to the action plan. Usually, these projects are the best to work on.

Events that Need to be Remove from your Life as a Freelancer

Remove hopeful, wishful, maybe or should connections. 


 self-awareness, imagination, conscience, and independent will.

Think Mutual




Stephen R. Covey Describes habit number 4 as:

Character traits (integrity, maturity, abundance mentality) move towards relationships in which flow agreements (Desired Results, Guidelines, Resources, Accountability, and Consequences) come out of but only in an environment where structure and systems/processes are based on win/win. 

Emotional Bank Account – Six Major Deposits 

Understanding the Individual 

Attending to the Little Things 

Keeping Commitments 

Clarifying Expectations 

Showing Personal Integrity 

Don’t Say Yes to Everything 

Mastering this habit is the key to becoming a freelancer on the way to financial success. 

Habit#5 (Public Victory)

Seek 1st to understand, then to be understood

Empathic communication is the best way to ensure every deadline is dominated.  

It is right in the middle of your success if your circle of influence is where you want it to be. 

Prioritizing people in your projects and in your personal life will ensure you dominated each and every deadline. 

This is the key to presentations. 

Use the Old Greek formula 

Ethos – personal credibility 

Pathos – Empathic side

Logos – Logic, the reasoning part of the presentation

Use the three to create effective presentations to win the project you are bidding on, to convince your client to take a certain route or to wrap up the project. 

5 types of listeners…..

Pretend listeners

Selective listeners

Attentive listeners

Interactive listeners

Empathetic listeners

Habit#6(Public Victory)


Synergistic communication is a win/win.

Open-mindedness to outside influence can lead to an idea that demolishes the deadline. 

Value differences when cooperating creatively so each party can have input. 

Never comprise when communicating with your client. 

It can be negative!

Think about principle-centered leadership that catalyzes, unifies, and unleashes your ability to direct the project to completion before the deadline is up.

Integrate the four unique human endowments, the motive of Win/Win, and the skills of empathic communication. 

Synergy brings Win/Win. 

Get rid of negative synergy. 

Value the difference. 

Think about the negative forces that work against growth and change. 

Having awareness of each component of synergy will allow you to make implicit correctness to managing the project.


Sharpen the Saw

Charge your own battery 

Be a champion of self-renewal 

Connect the physical to social/emotional to spiritual to mental. 

Self Renewal will keep you super productive as a freelancer 


Exercise, Nutrition, Stress Management

Eating the right kind of foods

Getting rest and relaxation

Exercise – endurance/strength


Physical fitness is needed so your body doesn’t breakdown. You can’t freelance if you are not healthy.


Service, Empathy, Synergy, Intrinsic Security

Be secured because as a freelancer you will hear no (in much nicer ways) a lot, but all it takes is one yes.


Value, Clarification, Commitment, Study & Meditation

The core, the center, and the commitment to your value system will always reign supreme.  

Having faith and following your path to fulfilling your purpose, can provide you motivation on the roughest days.


Reading, Visualizing, Planning, Writing 

Balance, Synergy renewal

The Upward Spiral – learn, do, commit 

You have to be committed to dominating the deadlines.

You have to be committed to learning so you can increase your value as a freelancer.

Doing is the key to your life as a freelancer. If you aren’t practicing the 7 habits daily, you should start now!

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Live with values so life becomes more meaningful. A meaningful life can be defined within! The opinions of others become feedback. Use that feedback to improve yourself. By improving your internal viewpoint your ability to handle multiple projects will be easy, as deadlines will be dominated by your productivity.

Now apply the 7 habits to your procedures and processes so deadlines are nothing to fear.

Read Pt. 2 here.

{4 Rules 2} Craft Magnetic Headlines in 5 Minutes

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Headlines grab your audience’s attention. According to Copyblogger, “8 out of 10 people will read the headline, but only 2 out of 10 people will read the content.”

Key Takeaways

The headline’s sole purpose is to get the reader to interact with your content.

Make sure the “big” promise is useful information. 

Adding a time element increases urgency.

Be ultra-specific about what’s unique about your content. 

Keep your headlines concise, catchy, and captivating.

The sole purpose of the headline is to get the content read, watched, or opened (at the least). The skill of crafting a headline is vital whether it’s a novel, a case study, a blog post, or a YouTube video. However, what is the best way to consistently produce high-quality headlines?

You should develop a set of rules to always have options for every title/headline. Crafting irresistible headlines is a simple formula away.


“A headline is words set at the head of the page or passage to introduce or categorize,” per Merriam – Webster. 

The important information is at the top of the inverted pyramid method. The headline must draw people in. It is the first step of the famous “slippery slope” technique popularized by copywriter Joseph Sugarman. 

  • The headline’s function is to provide useful information that is helpful and entertaining enough to get your audience to pay attention to your content.
  • The headline’s goal is to make a promise to the reader while creating urgency and being ultra-specific while giving them the gist of the content that follows in a concise manner. 

These 4 rules for crafting headlines will have your audience reading your valuable content. 

The Platinum Rule – Make sure the “big” promise is useful information.

You want to think about the results the audience will get from reading your content when you are crafting your headline. Your headline should promise the reader the results you envision. Appeal to their self-interest in a bold and dramatic fashion. Newsworthy headlines are effective because they use words like introducing, new, at last, etc touching on human’s natural curiosity. One of the best words to get your audience’s attention is free. (Obviously, you need to offer something to use that one). Remember to always address any objectives they may have. Be sure to fulfill that promise in the content so your brand/blog/book doesn’t lose credibility.

Common Techniques for Crafting Promises

 Ask the reader a question in the headline and promise to answer it in the content. 

Promise to reveal a secret to the reader, arousing their curiosity. 

Make a seemingly contradictory promise. 

Use as “Crazy as it Sounds” followed by a promise. 

(All of these techniques create a fear of missing out). 

The Golden Rule – Create a sense of urgency by adding a time element. 

Within the promise of the headline, using numbers and statistics, stress the value of the information that might save them time. Another way to create urgency is to tie in your content with a current event or create a challenge based on something popular. You can make a time-sensitive recommendation in your headline and follow it up with content that answers important questions about your product or service. Concentrate on the limited time your audience must read your content by advising them to read it now before it is too late.

Common Techniques for Crafting Urgency

You can also offer limited-time cost savings, discounts, or create something exclusive that has value and readers can’t get anywhere else (you must have something to offer to use this one).

The Silver Rule – Point to the ultra-specific unique aspect of your content to get clicks. 

Target a reader/client/customer/audience with specific topics that address their concerns. Often, well-respected writers tell you to write with one person in mind. In the marketing and business world, that content addresses the needs of their buyer persona. You can state the benefits of your content in the headline, make a comparison to other products and services, or refer to how you can help your reader achieve their goal. The most effective headlines show the return on their investment of time (reading your content). Whether that investment is time or money, you can create credibility and increase your value using reliable sources in the content and mentioning that in the headline. Encourage your audience to read your content by lending a helping hand to their common concerns. 

The Most Popular

 “How to” and “Reasons why” headlines are the most popular because they can have a positive or negative focus and usually have numbers associated with them. 

Common Techniques for Crafting Ultra-Specific Uniqueness 

Give the audience a command

Set up a contradiction

The Bronze Rule – Keep it concise, yet catchy and captivating. 

William Zinsser, the author of On Writing Well, states brevity is the ultimate way to capture attention. The world is cluttered with content so to cut through it keep your headline short and simple. Strip your headline down to the point the only words in it are because they represent the three previous rules. Length isn’t as important as making sure there are no adverbs and no unless words describing how you feel, how you think, or what you saw. The bottom line is to be persuasive. 

Common Techniques for Crafting A Concise Headline

Try to summarize the content in 25 words and then edit that summary until it is a headline. This is a tip I got from the owner of KopywritingKourse, Neville Medhora. 

(Bonus) Headline Tools

If you still can’t think of anything for the headline or if you are short on time, try these three headline tools.




General Rule

A general rule is to spend half of your time on the body of the content and the other half on the headline. Create the content before you write the headline.

Final Thoughts

Headlines can beat the odds by getting a larger portion of your audience’s attention. Using it to communicate a full message that provides value while emphasizing the importance of your content to the reader is critical. If it is believable, intriguing, and triggers a strong emotional response your headline will convert massive amounts of people into new readers of your content. Use the 4 rules to craft a headline that fits that criteria and watch your content data rise. Crafting a headline is part art and part science. Use them to convince the massive amount of people on the internet to convert into loyal consumers of your website, brand, product, book, etc. 

Landing Pages Can Sell for You

In 5 seconds or less★ use landing pages to market your products, business, and or services online at a low cost to increase your return on your investment. ★ (A well-written website will allow you to have high profile margins ★

Useful information: Tools and Website Builders are at the end of the post.

How Landing Pages Can Work?

Create High Value with High-Quality Content 

Attract Customers in Any Time Zone

Have a Selling System That’s on Autopilot

Do It In 5 Simple Steps!

  1. Create a Website
  2. Drive Traffic to Your Website  
  3. Capture Prospects Contact Info
  4. Build an Email List
  5. Sell Your Product/Service

NO Time to Set-Up This Simple Cash Crow

Contact rudybrown@stupendouscopy.com

Stupendous Copy Portfolio

Landing Page Pricing/Time Frame

Completion Time: 3-5 Days 

Price Range: $150-$1000

Web Copy Bronze Package

500 Words/One Landing Page


Web Copy Silver Package

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Web Copy Gold Package

Unlimited Words/ 5 Landing Pages (Website)

$500 ($100 per Page)

Web Copy Platinum Package

Unlimited Words/5 Landing Pages (Unlimited Monthly Updates For 6 months)

$1000 (Best Value!)

What’s Included in the Landing Page Packages

Keyword Research

Persuasive Audience Tailored Copy That Informs

A PDF of SEO Tools (Bonus $20 value) (Gold & Platinum Package Only)

Web copy is optimized once results are analyzed (Platinum Package Only)

Stupendous Copy Landing Page Process

The Power of Words Strategy- 4 Steps

Step 1: Research for Landing Pages

Market Research

Buyer Persona

Keyword Research

List of 5 Topics

List of 20 Keywords (Long Tail, Medium Tail, Short Tail)

Step 2: Crafting for Landing Pages

Concepting an idea that will rank in Google but also attract your prospect’s attention.

The key elements will be the headline, subheadings, informational content, and the call-to-action.

The premise & the promise will be infused with keywords, brand-specific content, and unique selling points. 

(Also includes web designer instructions).

Step 3: S.M.A.R.T. Goals for Landing Pages

We will identify the social channel to promote the landing page. 

We will identify the best metric to measure the promotion (response rate).

We will estimate what response from your audience is attainable.

We will highlight what metrics are relevant.

We will establish a time-frame to get results.

Step 4: Analyze Measurables for Landing Pages 

You will access to the following Key Performance Indicators:

Bounce rate

Conversation rate




Conversation Rates


Form Submit

Email List Performance

List Members

Web copy is optimized once results are analyzed (Platinum Package Only)

Why Chose Me for Landing Pages?

Get views that convert into sales, sign-ups, and loyal customers.

A low-cost way to acquire a sale or lead. 

Measure the results with digital tools.

Analyze the content to improve your ROI.

Websites are essential in digital marketing!

 But can be time-consuming to set-up to be profitable right away. 

There are plenty of affordable options!

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(Website Building Options)

The options are based on budget and business needs. 




Go Daddy


 Why pay a developer $10,000 for a website that can’t be changed or updated without paying more money?

  • I can set-up an adaptive website for $500-$5,000 depending on your budget, needs, and product/services. 
  • I work keywords into the webpage copy (expertise). 
  • The site is designed to inspire the visitor to subscribe to your newsletter or buying one of your products/services (expertise).

Kings of Conversion (in 7 seconds or less) 

Landing Pages (Not Home Pages)

Primary foundation: designed to drive specific traffic to a specific URL

Secondary foundation: to provide information

Website Development

(a collection of landing pages)

Expedited Online Presence

We create a website quickly that can last forever without having to hire developers every time you want to update it or change it. Each page is based on an analysis of your audience so your website can stand out in your market.

Mobile Responsive Layouts

All websites adjust to fit any device, hand-held, tablet or PC so your customers can find your product or service online, whether they are on their phone or laptop, iPad. People value access to information at all times.


All websites can be updated with content and themes, usually with one click.

No need to spend hours of redesigning or coding to get your site to look the way you want it to. 

Creative Content

The words on your website will be sure to address any objections customers may have while showcasing your value proposition. The features will your company/product/service will be translated into tangible benefits your customers can see.

Optimized by Keywords

All content is optimized to have your site show up in Google Searches.

It is written short and simple for scanners!

All words show your customer what’s in it for them by solving their pain points.

Each page is designed to have your customers take action. 

I provide even more value, by pointing you to the best options for site hosting, email hosting, basic and advanced metrics, helpful tips for SEO, and more…..

Additional Tools

Email Hosting Options

Dream host


Web Site Host


Blue Host

Site Ground

Host Gator


Google Domains


Basic Metrics of  Your Web Site

Metric – measuring something by the quantity.

Session/Visit – the amount of time a visitor spends on your webpage.

Pages – per session average session duration.

Pageview – the basic unit of measurement for many web analytical tools

Users/Visitors – the total number of people who came to the website.

Advanced Metrics of Your Web Site

Google Analytics 


Bing Webmaster

Email Marketing Tools

Constant Contact



Opti Monster 

Other Tools

Beaver Builder

Divi Plugin

CSS Hero



Share Counts


These are my favorite tools!

WordPress Plugins






Content Resources for Landing Pages



Website Builders for Landing Pages


Landing Pages for Website
Landing Pages for WordPress
Landing Pages for Email


Landing Pages for Shopify



Host/Website Builder

Go Daddy

Landing Page Industry Pricing

Excerpt from AWAI Copywriting Pricing Guide

Landing Pages for Lead-Gen
Landing Pages for Pricing

Contact Me Today for Your Digital Marketing Needs

 I Specialize in B2B Healthcare Case Studies

SC Logo

 Email: rudybrown@stupendouscopy.com

Phone: 678- 626–7610

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Web Copywriting Increases ROI in 4 Weeks

My web copywriting technique also known as the “The Power of Words” strategy (4 Steps) increased my return on my investment by 110%. I used my website (stupendouscopy.com) and letters of introduction to pull it off. 

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August Issue “{Case Study} Did I Keep My Promise to You?

Web Copywriting - Words Have Power

I was able to generate this revenue besides the fact that:

  • I’m relatively new to web copywriting
  • I have a relatively small email list and social media following
  • I had no connections to influential bloggers
  • I didn’t have all the SEO tools (SEMrush, Google Analytics, Yoast SEO)

And in this step-by-step case study, I’ll show you exactly how I did it.

 This technique works for anybody selling services or products. I implemented the same strategy for my business and my clients, but I tailor the content to their audience so everything is unique and crafted for the best results. Most web copywriters wouldn’t share this information, but I know how much time it takes to implement good web copywriting so if you’re short on time – contact me

View my portfolio here

How the Power of Words Strategy Helped Me Monetize my Passion


 In just 4 weeks, this technique helped me get:

  • Web Copywriting Gigs
  • Blog Post Gigs
  • Digital Marketing Strategy/Social Media Gigs
  • Consulting/Editing Gigs

By frequently publishing blog posts, I ended up in 50 search engine results. These referrers ended in 3 clients who contact me via my information on the blog post.

 WordPress Stats

I made a few cents (lol) off of ads that were served by people clicking on them while on my page.

 WordPress Stats

The overall views resulted in 20 people contacting me, leading to 12 projects.

Wordpress Stats

Getting Web Copywriting/Landing Page Projects

One of the Web Copywriting/Landing Page projects was for D.A. Sports Agency. I updated the “Bio” page.

Web Copywriting - D.A. Agency Before

Scroll down for the “After” photo…. I kept the facts but infused them with Devin’s story to ensure the audience sees the organic growth – a key theme in D.A. Agency’s marketing strategy.

Web Copywriting - D.A. Agency After

Final web copy


Working on the landing page led to consulting work and editing nutrition guides. Now, Devin and I are working on a collaboration so stay tuned for more. In addition to more web copywriting opportunities, Devin has shown me a few social media hacks and provided invaluable advice about trademarking key elements of my brand.

Thanks for the opportunity D.A. Agency!

Getting Blog Post Jobs 

I’ve worked with Colorado Black Health Collaborative over the years but when they noticed my upgraded site and blog posts – they requested a few content marketing projects. All the blog posts are marketed via Facebook. One post did very well in terms of engagement, another had a lot of shares while another one created an opportunity for an interview from the local news station. Another opportunity with a media outlet that has 15,000 subscribers was a result of our hard work. All the blog posts increased the engagement for CBHC’s website.

Web Copywriting - CBHC Blog Post Comments
Web Copywriting - CBHC Blog Post Comments


I continue to create content for CBHC. Most recently, I created a blog post centered on their Host for the 2nd Annual Gala, Bill Bellamy. I am also working on a poem for the same event. 

Thank you Colorado Black Health Collaborative for the opportunity.

Getting a Digital Marketing Strategy/Social Media Job

One project I got to work on was with a student organization at Clark Atlanta University. After seeing the website, we collaborated on ideas for marketing their marquee conference “Teacherish” on all the digital platforms.

Web Copywriting - EYE Feedback


More Feedback:

Web Copywriting - EYE Feedback

Call to Actions I Developed for the Event

For more Self-Care, Fun, and Creative Tips!

Come to

CAU Campus March 30, 2019

Click the Link in the Bio for Tickets

Hurry! Sales End on the 16th!


 EYE Content

 EYE Content


Around the time I landed the E.Y.E. project, I also landed two different academic-focused projects on African Americans. It was challenging as I already had a huge project going on but I was able to manage everything. I learned a valuable lesson, only have 3-4 projects going on at a time. Now, I pre-qualify projects to see if they are worth my time since I have to keep multiple projects going as I continue to market myself. That is how you build a successful freelance business, according to Peter Bowerman.

Thanks for the opportunity Educating Youth Everywhere!

You can get these types of results by taking these actions.

Step 1: Understanding the Connection Between Web Copywriting and Your Website

Step 2 – Understanding the Connection Between Web Copywriting, Your Website, and Your Audience

Step 3 – Understanding Web Copywriting as a Whole

Step 4 – Implementing Web Copywriting on Your Business Website and Beyond


I composed this blog post because I’m exhausted from trying to verbally illustrate what my business is and I’m tired of trying to convince people of how powerful words are on the web.

(No, I don’t design websites but if you need persuasive web writing with the intent to drive action – I’m your man).

After reading this post, you will be able to harness good language to get your audience to buy your product or service online.

Before I implemented these tips my website:

Didn’t get any views!

Didn’t have very many people signed up for my newsletter!

Didn’t have any backlinks with credible publications!

How “The Power of Words” Strategy Helped my Website Grow

In just a few weeks copywriting helped me

Get the Attention of the Right Audience

Land High-Quality Gigs

Increased Engagement 

Step 1 – Understanding the Connection Between Copywriting and Your Website

Copywriting can take your website from a money-sucking, time-consuming, unfinished project to a search engine optimization dominating sales point for your business.

If the words on your website address any objections the customer may have while showcasing your brand’s value proposition – then you will have a digital goldmine.

A website can, in 7 seconds or less, market your products, business, and or services online at a low cost to increase your return on your investment.

Every day, I used to take precious time to clarify copywriting to everyone who showed interest but now I know better. Instead, I let people who are interested in copywriting come to me through Google searches.

A well-developed website increases your profit margins by attracting customers from different time zones with high -value content that sells your brand. Websites can be set-up to automatically have a selling system.

Step 2 – Understanding the Connection Between Copywriting, Your Website, and Your Audience

When it Comes to Web Copywriting There are 2 Types of People in the World

People who get it right away

(usually marketing professionals and other content writers).


People have no idea how to comprehend the words that are coming out of my mouth (everyone else).

Most likely, your audience will not know what copywriting is and therefore won’t realize what they are reading is geared towards them making an action. As a business owner, you hope that action is buying your product or service, or at the very least signing up for your newsletter. Don’t worry about the words on your website coming off as salesy.

Copywriting is everywhere since it sells products, services, and/or ideas but people don’t realize it, especially when it comes to the content they value.

The key to your web copy is using the “AIDA” formula tailored to your buyer’s persona.

Define the Buyer Persona

Do market research (your customer’s characteristics, spending habits, location, and needs).

 Understand your prospects problems.

Audience Formula






Once you have a buyer persona and you know what will grab their attention, keep their interest, and speak to their desires – they will take action.

Step 3 – Understanding Web Copywriting as a Whole

Copywriting Basics

Common places it can be found hiding in plain sight are

Letters and advertisements that are delivered to your mailbox.

Newsletters, magazines, and special reports.

The words on brochures, billboards, and business cards.


The Best Place for COPYWRITING

Websites (landing pages, blog posts, and lead magnets).

Copywriting has nothing to with the word, “copyright.”

Definition of Copywriting

(Denotation – Direct specific meaning)

Copy in this context means written matter intended to be reproduced in printed form or the text of advertising or marketing material.

Writing is the process of using letters or characters that serve as the visible sign of ideas, words, or symbols.

Copywriting is the process of writing advertising or promotional materials.

The Skinny

(Connotation – something suggested or implied by a word)

I craft words in a way that creates engagement with your audience which leads to generating more sales, sign-ups, or donations by effectively marketing your business online.

Copywriting is Related to

Advertising  –  because it creates awareness for a service and/or product without trying to obviously sell it.

Storytelling (Fiction) – because it connects to people through the main idea of a compelling narrative with supporting plots, characters, etc.

Journalism (Non-Fiction) – because it reports information (statistics, expert references, and testimonials) and interviews must be conducted to build credibility.

Poetry – because of the word choices and the creativity involved has to be ultra-specific to the benefit you are offering.

Psychology –  because people take action (buy expensive items) for emotional reasons, not logical ones.  Think about the power of pride, lust, happiness, envy, fear, and vanity.

And many more forms of writing and social sciences.

The Elements of Copywriting

Copywriting is

Since copywriting is basically any set of words that request action from your audience it includes a lot of projects. It also has roots in almost all forms of writing business and is the most effective way to make sure your USP is being presented in a way that will resonate with your audience.

  • Copywriting stresses the benefits to persuade your potential customers to purchase your product or service with a single phrase (tagline) and/or a 3,000 words document (an online sales page).
  • Any amount of words can convey strong emotions triggering potential buyer’s mirror neurons – making them feel a connection with your brand without investing too much of your scarcest resource, time.
  • Get your prospects/audience to support a cause, read a blog post, buy a product/service, or request more information in a conversational way.

Every piece of content should direct your audience to take action.

Web Copywriting Optimized by Keywords

Keyword research can be incorporated into web copy so the site is optimized to show up in Google Searches.

Make sure your web copy is written for scanners

  1. headings
  2. subheadings
  3.  bullet points

Step 4 – Implementing Web Copywriting on your Business Website and Beyond

The Bottomline is My Words Mean Business

Since early 2018,  I’ve been trying to figure out how to get my point across to everyone without the need to have a full-fledged dialogue featuring clips of copy from my portfolio. Well, I realized in late 2018 that I shouldn’t be marketing my business to those people anyway.

Anyone who is interested will want to read clips from my portfolio and that will probably determine if I get the gig or not. Although, I’m sure my conversation has some sort of psychological effect on a subconscious level (professionals act like it doesn’t exist).

Finally, I updated this old blog post about what I do. Talking wasn’t my forte when I first wrote this in August 2018 but I could easily write about selling with words or how to convert your audience into customers. Now, I feel comfortable doing both (consultant fees apply) but I’m still much better at writing than having a conversation.

The bottom line is to hire me (a professional wordsmith) or learn how to improve your web copy to make more money without spending a lot of time on ineffective marketing techniques.

Science Behind Statements (Key Performance Indicators)

  1. I measure, improve, and track the success of my copy with the help of my clients’ feedback.
  2. However, I try to pinpoint what really works and what doesn’t for my company, Stupendous Copy, using Google Analytics, WordPress analytics (likes, views, number of comments, and engagement), and MailChimp analytics (opens, clicks, and subscribers).
  3. If we do business, we can use similar KPIs to track how successful the copy was.
  4. The most important indicator for me is getting results for high-quality clients so I have more money to live, testimonials, and help people make money.
  5. Nothing else matters since my mortgage can’t be paid with attention, likes, clicks, or inquiries and I know you can’t take care of your family without a successful business.

What Does My Service Offer to You?

As a freelance copywriter, my attention only entertains people interested in clear, concise, and simple business communications to engage their audience’s deep-rooted emotional motivations.

Copywriting is the most essential part of business writing marketing materials because it is the art and science of engagement by connecting the benefits of your product/service with your customers’ desires

(I use words to get their emotions and logic involved to persuade them to make a purchase).

Your Website

Your website should do the same as every feature of your product/service should be translated into a tangible benefit that addresses your customer needs.

Are Words Really Powerful?

Words are powerful enough to have created several career fields.

Most copywriters are a part of a marketing agency, or they work for the marketing department of a company, but there are also a fair amount of people who freelance.

At an agency, copywriters work with a team (graphic designers, product/client managers, etc) to get the job done.

As a freelancer, I worked with other freelancers or the client’s resources.

Empowerment of Freelancing

Since I freelance I started on content mill sites like Fiverr, Freelancer.com, and Peopleperhour.com but decided to devote my time to finding high-quality clients (like yourself).

I use the process of prospecting, pitching, and persistence to generate clients for my business. More on that here.

I also have a blog, By Any Means of Marketing, to promote my website, Stupendouscopy.com.

 I use my website as a fluid example of my digital copywriting skills, mainly focusing on content marketing.

 I use blog posts to increase my SEO rank as well as build credibility with my audience. Hopefully, members of my audience will convert into clients.

If not, hopefully, my information helps them get returns on their investments and they give me feedback creating social proof I know what I’m talking about.

Every Word Sells

My stupendous copywriting uses techniques rooted in psychology to persuade your audience with marketing materials that get your brand’s ideas, messages, or promotions across clearly and effectively.

I craft copy that will sway your audience to opt-in, purchase, or engage with your company.

Web Copywriting Tips

Active Voice

15-17px Font

Write like Your Audience Talks

Lots of Visuals


  • The power of words strategy is the most cost-effective way to get a return on your investment in your website.
  • Web Copywriting ensures your website has a higher Google Search Ranking by incorporating keywords into the content.
  • Convert customers by addressing their pain points and getting them to smack the buy button.

Contact Me Today for Your Digital Marketing Needs

 I Specialize in Healthcare Case Studies

SC Logo

Email: rudybrown@stupendouscopy.com

Phone: 678- 626–7610

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{AIDA} The Ultimate Formula to Gain Your Customer's Attention Right Away

I struggled with peopling finding my website for 6 years when I started RuDaStu.com (the site doesn’t even exist anymore). Until one day I discovered a copywriting formula that turned out to be a goldmine (Stupendouscopy.com).

The basic slippy slide technique involving your customer’s attention, interest, desire, and action is a foundational formula for all the different types of copy, especially blog post and newsletters.

After implementing this formula in your content, your website will have higher Google ranking as more traffic is driven in. With more engagement, you can build a growing list of email subscribers. With more traffic and more email subscribers, your return on your investment will be revenue that will keep piling up without much effort on your part.

The simplest way to get more business is…


Write your content so you always get your audience’s attention by engaging their interest with interesting facts and/or information that connects with their desires. Finally, make sure to call them to take action.

The idea behind anything you create is to get the copy noticed by your potential customer and persuade them to take action by turning the features of your product/service into benefits for the customers.

Wanna learn the formula? Let’s get started…..


Use powerful words to grab your audience’s attention that are ultra-specific.

Using a number is critical to catching the reader’s eye. 

The headline should present a clear benefit to that is relevant to the reader.

Something is relevant to the audience when it addresses the reader’s fears, anxieties, and/or aspirations so make the headline emotional.

Create the fear out of missing out so you can hold their attention until it turns into genuine interest.

The leading paragraph of your content should have a hook in the first few words and should increase their interest.

I is Interest

To keep the reader’s interest the content must address their needs. 

If your company offers a comprehensive health screening at a lower cost then make sure the benefit of getting the screening done is relevant to your potential customer.

Having a solution to the reader’s problem, which is some sort of fear of dying from cancer, or anxiety about not being productive is the key to your content resignation with them.

If the reader has aspirations to live a long healthy lifestyle then stress the specific benefits of the health screening to the audience.

Bank on the screening providing knowledge about their health, so they have a baseline to move forward.

You can connect with the audience in a variety of ways, depending on what you think is the most effective way to reach your audience.

(When I create copy I typically do research to find out the audience pain points and address those in the content).

Often times, your business or service won’t be the only one in your industry so the USP – Unique selling proposition is the only way to create interest in your brand/company/service.

Appeal to their personal wants and needs.

Bridge how the feature of the copy can benefit the audience. 

Provide the facts and feature in a creative way.

Provide the benefits for the audience, instead of your audience having to imagine them.

There are plenty of methods used to showcase the specific benefits of your product/service. 

Provide examples of the consequences associated with a failure to act. Show the clear value of using your product/service with concrete examples and/or real-life success stories (case studies). 

D is Desire

 Once the audience knows why your company is unique and can meet their needs, create urgency by pulling in the reader towards an immediate action banking on their fear, anxieties, or aspirations.

It isn’t easy to do this without them knowing it so use concrete evidence to back-up your claims.

Social Proof is the most effective form of evidence, as it usually pushes people over the hump when they are contemplating on going with you or your competitor.

Always include solid and substantial validation with comparisons to your competitors to showcase your unique selling proposition. 

Back up your copy with statistics, results, case studies, and testimonials that create desire.

This method is the key to crafting words that create interest and desire within your audience. 

A is Action

The most important part of the formula is the call to action. Without it, the rest of the formula is pointless.

Insert the action part of the formula when you want your audience to do something like buy your product/service, provide an email address or other contact information. 

Contact me Today for Your Digital Copywriting Needs – I Specialized in Healthcare Case Studies

Email: rudybrown@stupendouscopy.com

Phone: 404-998-9369

Cold Calling the Smart Way – Planting Success Seeds!

Cold calling is to make an unsolicited call on by telephone in an attempt to sell a service and the potential client has no idea who you are.

Cold calling is the cornerstone of my business.

I sell the meeting and not my service.

I am ready to answer the question, “Why You?” (I say because I am reliable, professional, and creativity).

I am aware before I start calling that 80% of people will not need my services.

However, that other 20% desperately needs a stupendous writer whether they know it or not.

I make 50 calls a day/500 calls a week but this is the based on work I have.

I created a quota just to have a concrete goal.

The advantage of marketing is numbers, and cold calling is a numbers game.

Key – control the things you can control, and manage the things you can’t . I just try to learn something from every call. 

Do research before you call so you can open the call with things that are publicly known about the prospect.

Make a specific offer that can help the prospect.

I make sure that every interaction with a prospect ends with a specific event the customer agrees to (another meeting, a follow-up call at a set time, etc.).

Develop A Script:

I try to keep it brief (15 seconds or less)

Simple & on point.

I am crystal clear in what I’m offering in 3-5 words.

For Voicemail

For A Person

The Gatekeeper:

I never sell the gatekeeper.

I tell them I am looking for Chief Content Officer, Content Strategist or Chief Content Marketer.

My Script

Basic Cold-Calling Script

For Voicemail:

To Get Past the Gatekeeper:

“Good morning, my name is Rudy Brown and I’m a freelance writer, making contact with (local businesses), to determine whether you have any ongoing or occasional needs for a good freelance writer to help create digital marketing content like blog post, landing pages, email campaigns or marketing collateral material like brochures, manuals, etc. Who might be the best person to talk with?”

I substitute the, “Who might be the best person to talk with?” part being on the circumstances

 Larger Corporations

“May I speak to the marketing communications department?”

Smaller Corporations

“May I speak to the marketing director?”

Agencies, Graphic Design, Marketing Companies

“May I speak to the creative director?”


“May I speak to the person in charge of hiring writers?”

Hi, I’m Rudy. (Person’s name),  I’m an Atlanta freelance copywriter that focuses on content marketing and business writing. I’m wondering if you use outside writers for any of your marketing or communication needs?

(Wait for An Answer)

(If No) Thank you. (Hang Up)

(If Yes or Maybe)

Great! I have a comprehensive information packet (basically two brochures, the link to my website, portfolio, and letter of introduction) put together. It’ll tell you all about my past clients, give you some idea on prices, and some samples so you can get to know me and my work very quickly.

I’d like to email that to you. What’s the best email address to send it to?

(Wait for An Answer) – Get the email address

(Person’s name), I’m going to email that to you before the end of the day. Typically, when I send this out, new clients need about 3 or 4 days to look it over. And, they almost always have a few questions. What’s a good time to get back to you?

(Wait for An Answer) – get the time frame (3 or 4 days)

I rewrite the script all the time after I analyze how the calls go.

Other scripts from freelancers:

“As a freelance writer who had a 15-year career in financial services, I was intrigued by your new payment solution. I looked you up and saw you’re based right here in my town.”

After you’ve done research:

“I noticed you’ve set up a blog, but that it hasn’t been updated in a few months. As it happens, I’ve been blogging for years. Would you be interested in having a freelance writer with a banking background keep that updated for you? I’d be happy to drop by and discuss it with you.”

The Follow Up

I follow up with a customized email (letter of introduction, writing samples, “leave-behinds”) immediately.  ( I do research about the company behind hand).

I let them know I’ve done my research so they are aware I’ve already invested my time in their business.

I Call back 2 to 3 days later and no later than a week.

I use the 3-3-7 Formula

30 to 1 Ratio

10 people contacted multiplied times, 1 will be interested in talking to me, 1 of the 3 who will be willing to talk to me will hire me.

Cold Calling Schedule:

Call at any time during the weekday except Monday morning.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays are Prime Time

I try my hardest on Friday afternoons.

 They say will say NO!

Other forms of No are:

No. Thank You!

Not Right Now!

Not Interested!

I am Consistent and Persistent.

I just keep showing up.

Secondary Objectives

Let me think about it

I’m Not Ready

Keep Track of Everything

I use a Google Sheets document to keep track of everything.

Thank you for reading, contact us for all your copywriting/content marketing needs or spread the word about Stupendous Copy!



Email at: stupendouscopy@gmail.com

Phone: 678- 626-7610

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5 Phases of Evolution for a Creative Turning Into a Stupendous Small Business Owner #SmallBusinessSaturday

Adapt the 5 Phrases to your creative skill that can pay your bills and see success as a small business owner.

A Creative Can Be A Small Business Owner

Never in a million years did I think I would be a small business owner. Growing up, I hated math and loved writing so naturally, I considered myself a creative. As I tried to become a professional writer, I hated all the opportunities that were out there.

Educational Attempts at Creativity

I went to Howard University to study journalism but only lasted a semester due to the cost of tuition and the cost of living. I graduated from MSU Denver in 2013 with a degree in Psychology and a minor is writing with hopes to become a school counselor but legal trouble stopped my momentum.  In 2014, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia to full more opportunities but I wasn’t sure what I would be doing. Read the full story here.

Challenge Accepted

Long story short, I have a writing business and am no longer interested in trying to become a writer. I would rather be a business, man.

I structure this grow model after the Writers in Charge’s “Earn Your First $1,000” Challenge.

I also incorporated Peter Bowerman’s “The Well-Fed Writer” Formula.

Now my focus is on writing, but you can use this model for building a business doing anything that is creative. You have to adapt the strategy to your niche.

Phase 1 is Building a Foundation

My writer website, stupendouscopy.com, is my foundation for my freelance commercial writing business.

It outlines the services I offer.

It showcases social proof to build credibility.

It also showcases writing samples.

Social media accounts supplement my online presence:





Digital Portfolio:



I also use Aboutme.com, Alignable, and other sites (Thumbtack) online to increase my presence.

I also created “leave-behinds” which are brochures that I usually attach to my emails.

Phase 2 – Determining My Rates

I charge $50-$100 for an article with an emphasis on the flexible pricing approach.

Ghostwriting blog post is more since I will not get any exposure. I price those services at $150 -$200.

Writing a blog post and prospecting the article is $300.

Now, that I have my rates determined it is important that I stick to my guns and not lower them unless the publication can offer me a lot of exposure or can be leveraged to get higher paying clients.

If I accept any work or do too much pro bono work, I’ll be stuck in the same situation.

Of course, the rates will increase as I move up.

Phase 3 -Leveling Up Credibility to Increase the Effectiveness of Marketing

The most important part of freelancing/ having a small business is credibility so prospects have proof you can provide the service you say you can.

Without credibility is hard to get clients and even harder to get well-paying clients.

To get credibility I pitch major publications.

The idea is to get published in them so I use it as leverage when pitching prospects for work.

The more major publications that feature the content, the more my price will be justified.

I identified 10 major publications, but only need to be published 2 or 3.

I will find all the high-quality clients and high -paying publications by prospecting.

Phrase 4 -Prospecting 

While I’m working on building credibility with the large publications, I pitch medium-sized businesses specializing in healthcare.  I pre-qualified whom I reach out to based on their industry, how ideal of a client they are, their location, and access to their key point of contact.

Also, I looked into their business model, the number of employees, web design, and media coverage.

I will do all these tasks Monday – Friday, expect for bidding on the up & coming content mills.

60 cold pitches every day (30 phone calls and 30 emails). I developed a script for the phone calls and letters of introduction for the emails.

I apply to 10 writing jobs on freelance job boards.

I pitch 3 major publications.

I bid on 5 jobs on Upwork, Freelancer.com, and Guru each.

I created “Google Alerts” for my industry to stay up to date on what is going on.

I  keep track of everything with Google sheets

Related Prospecting Articles:

Foundations of Building A Freelance Business – How to Prospect for Great Clients

The Prospecting System for Business Marketing Writers That’s Hotter Than Beyonce

Phrase 5 – Closing the Sell

After reaching out to the prospects, it is important that I follow up. I use the 3-7-7 formula.

I send the first follow-up message on the 3rd day after the original message was sent since 90% of people reply within the first 48 hours.

If I don’t hear back – then I send another follow up 7 days later.

If there is no response to the second follow, I send one more message 7 days after that.

See more information on the subject.

If they respond then I negotiate the rates.

I do my research, write well, and turn in the project.


Contact Me Today for Your Digital Marketing Needs

Email: stupendouscopy@gmail.com

Phone: 678- 626–7610

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10 Essential Productivity Tools You Can’t Work Without

I was watching GQ’s “10 Things You Couldn’t Live Without” and it inspired me to write a post about the 10 things I must have to do business.

What are your “Essential Tools of Prodictivity?”

The most essential thing/tool is my…

My Personal Assistant

Google Pixel 128gb


My phone is obviously, the most important part of my business because it is the main form of communication for me.

I love the operating system since I consider myself a Google Head.

I prefer the headphone jacks because I’m old-school and need to block out the world with music.

It also takes photos with the 12.3 MP dual-pixel camera and it attached to google photos.

I got the one with 128gb of storage because I need it (lol).

Communication Apps:


I have all the apps that are installed on my computer so I monitor my website, email, MailChimp, Google Docs, and more.

Note Taking Apps:


I have Evernote just in case I get an idea on the fly.

The 2nd most essential tool is…

Portable and Versatile Office (star player)

Apple MacBook Air (2017)



Reliable is really what I was looking for and I can’t complain. I need something light (it weighs 3 pounds) so I can take it any and everywhere.

It is fast enough for my everyday task.

The SD reader comes in handy.

The hard drive is 128gb (which is kind of small)

 Since I stored everything in Google Drive or OneDrive. I don’t that much space on my actual computer.

The battery life does well (which is the most important aspect especially when I’m on the go).

I got mine for a steal at MicroCenter. I think I paid around $765.

Webinar App:


Passwords for all the sites:




Internet Security:


The 3rd most essential tool is:

Running A Business




I use Wave to send flat-rate estimates and invoices. I also use it to bookkeep my entire business. It is software for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

The 4th most essential tool is…

Block the Bad Vibes



I buy the cheapest headphones I can find that are made by Skullcandy.

I usually buy a pair from Marshall’s or Target depending on what area I’m in.

I don’t think they are the best quality but I’m hard on headphones and I like the small earbuds so I can block out the world while I write.

The fifth most essential tool is:

Soundtrack to Success

Music Player Apps:

I don’t have a favorite music app. I rotate them depending on my need and my mood.


YouTube basically has every song that every existed so I usually look-up a classic and let it play but there are ads so it will interrupt the flow so usually on use it when I’m doing research.


I have sometimes have the premium version and sometimes I just use the free version. I look up albums  or songs sometimes but mainly I just ride with a playlist, especially when I’m crafting content

Apple Music:

I use it sometimes but I’m not really a fan.

Google Play Music Player:

I use this app to play the music on my phone and most of the time it one of my favorite hip-hop albums or mixtapes.

the sixth essential tool is…

Expressing Creativity is Business As Usual

Writing Mediums: 

Google Docs

My favorite word processor because of its autosave feature, the add-ons, and the ability to access it anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.


I use it for my website which displays my writing ability and for blogging.

Microsoft Word

I not really a huge fan since it cost so much but it does have it advantages since it is very popular and used by most professionals. The template comes in handy


Email marketing is huge, and it a tool I use for my business. MailChimp provides a lot for the free service and even more for premium users. It is a super quick way to create campaigns, landing pages, etc.

the seventh essential tool is…

The Marketing Hub


I updated it at will.

I use WordPress for my website since I can link it to all my social media sites.

Have static landing pages and a blog.

The eighth essential tool is:

Behinds the Scene, Lights, Camera, and Action Marketing

Most social media sites are free, and some have business plans that you can pay for to enhance your presence and create ads. I use social media to promote my content on my blog, By Any Means of Marketing.  I create content for Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+,

Social Media Apps:


I use Instagram to promote my services, my blog, my poetry, and show the behind the scenes of Stupendous Copy ( I just try to stay top of mind). Read full Instagram article here.


I use Planely to schedule Instagram post content in advance.


I use linktree in my Instagram bio to add more links, which include


I use twitter to promote my blog post, to find editors and businesses, to connect with other creatives, and to just tweet whatever I feel like (within the brand, of course).


I use Buffer to schedule tweets to mix in with the schedule blog post that is promoted on Twitter. I also retweet content.

To Create Visual Content:


To Shorten Links:


More on Apps I use here.

The ninth essential tool is…

Freelancer Freedom

Predetermined Work Space Destinations

Well, where I work isn’t really a thing however it is essential to my productivity because environments reflect energy in my opinion.  I work from home a lot but change things up I have destinations I go to give my production a little push.

Barnes & Nobles:

Barnes and Noble

I live in Atlanta and most of the Barnes and Nobles have areas where you can have a meeting or do so work on your laptop.

Some have Starbucks inside that provide that element while others have small tables.

On Cobb Drive

Perminter Mall




There are plenty of Starbucks in Atlanta. Everyone is different but all provide an environment to meet with a client or work on a project. I’ve gone to Starbucks that stand alone, that is in the mall and attached to a Barnes & Noble.

Cumberland Mall:

I rarely work here because the wifi isn’t friendly however it is close to the house and provides a lot of motivation.

Public Libraries:

Libraries can be goldmines in terms of materials to assist with projects, and providing a quiet environment to get work done. Some libraries are separate sections for kids so the noise is kept down, while others have them integrated so it can be distracting if I leave my headphones at home.

I mainly go to Smyrna Public Library and Vinings Public Library.

I also like Buckhead library and Cobb County Library.

Honorable Mentions:

Fast Food Resturants:

I love Mcdonald’s Wifi but I hate their food and the environment isn’t always the most conducive to work but if there’s no other option. Mcie D’s gets it done.

The finally essential tool is…

Taking Care Of Myself

Confidence is the KEY!

My Health is literally my Wealth!

Staying Focus and Being Consistent


Contact Me Today for Your Digital Marketing Needs

Email: rudybrown@stupendouscopy.com

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Success! You're on the list.

List of Websites With Free Photos to Match Your Web Copy

This “Free Photos” list is based on one posted by marketing powerhouse, Hubspot.

I usually dedicate a few hours a month to surfing the web for photos related to topics I write about. That way I don’t have to waste time searching for a photo when I should be writing or creating a concept.

Sometimes I do have to find a photo last minute for a guest post but since I familiar with the site I can usually find what I need quickly because I know exactly where to look for what I need.

I try to use free photos that don’t require credit or prefer credit but I never put the copy in jeopardy by using a photo that could have copyright issues.

I edit all my photos with pixlr.

I usually resize them with my MacBook Air so they aren’t too large. Large photos tend to slow your website down, which gives the visitor/prospect a reason to leave behind they get to know your brand.



Nice selection. Has multiple sites within the site and all of them have free photos, images, and  illustrations.

Ancestry Images










The Getty Center

Negative Space

Kaboom Pics

Death to Stock


Library of Congress 






Startup Stock Photos











Fancy Crave






Life of Pix







Jay MantriI


New Old Stock


Has sponsered photos from shuttershock but also a decent section of free photos. Most of the sites I use the most for pair images with my copywriting. This site is sponspored by Adobe.





Free photos with pretty good quality but the selection is limited.

Two plans or a package.


5 Images per day from their collection. Plus casual and premium plans.





Getty Images



Raw Pixel


Twenty 20



Contact Me Today for Your Digital Marketing Needs

Email: rudybrown@stupendouscopy.com

Phone: 404-998-9369

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The (Most Comprehensive) Prospecting System for Creatives That’s Hotter Than Beyonce

The Backbone of My Business is Putting Myself Out There.

Prospecting is… identifying potential clients and is a number’s game but with research, the numbers can be worked in your favor.

Read my article about prospecting here.

I start by defining my target market based on the fact I am a content writer that is writing for publications and businesses. I end with generating high-quality leads. As a business owner that is writing assignments and marketing projects. Since I specialize in digital marketing and business writing in the healthcare industry I search for clients in that niche.

1st Step – Define Your Target Market:

Ideal clients for me are businesses that have a viable business model and are associated with the healthcare industry. Basically, companies and other entities that can afford my services yet can’t afford the services of a marketing/ad agency.

You can define your target market by completing a SWOT Analysis and creating a USP

Or you can do a PEST Analysis.

Check out my 5 Phrases of Evolution for Creative Turning into A Small Business Owner, here.

Use a 1 Plan Business Plan to Help.

How to Create a Stupendous 1 Page Business Plan Real Fast

Ask yourself questions like:

What’s your goal for being a business – savvy creative?

What’s your skill set?

Who pays for this skill set?

What is your niche?

Once you define your target market, you can identify who will potentially hire you.

I created a roadmap but I don’t think it is necessary.


“I am a freelancer writer who creates content for publications and businesses in healthcare space so they can connect with their audience. I create content ranging from white papers and case studies to blog posts and brochures.”

You can view samples of my work at or you can contact me directly at stupendouscopy@gmail.com, 678- 626-7610″

2nd Step – Identifying Potential Clients:

Ideal Clients are referrals from other creatives or people I’ve connected with.

Great clients for me are publications that have a nice following and are credible because my published material can market my business while creating social proof and credibility.

Good clients for me are marketing and ad agencies because they may need a freelance writer with a fresh perspective.

Okay clients for me are ones that pay well enough and offer exposure or an opportunity that could lead to making more money.

I define clients in categories of Ideal, Great, Good, or Okay based on a number of factors that align with my Unique Selling Proposition.

3rd Step – Finding the Right Point Of Contact:

It is important to find the right person to contact or all your time will be wasted. 

You can also reach out to someone (like a mutual friend or acquaintance)  that can introduce you to the right point of contact. This can be done through social media or letters of introduction.

How I Find Prospects:

Since I based my business on digital marketing, I tend to search every publication ‘s staff page, team page, staff list, etc.

I search for the name of the editor on any content that is published.

Once I find the name of the editor I send them a query letter.

Searching “Natural” Markets for Writers:

Company Magazines/National Niche Publications/ Mass Consumer Magazines/Trade Publications/ Local/Regional Publications/ Association/Organization Publications/Custom Publications

High Paying Blogs and Websites

Writer’s Market

Best Paying List from different Blogs

Larger Nonprofits

Colleges and Universities

“Middle Market” of Medium-sized Businesses (Revenue ranging from $10-$100 Million)

Think Costco, Duns & Bradstreet

Traditional Ad Agencies, Digital Agencies

Move up Content Mills

Internet Searches for Publications, Agencies, & Companies:

Google Search {Publication} {Category} Editor

Twitter Search {Publication} {Category} Editor

LinkedIn Search {Publication} {Category} Editor

Look Through the Comments on Blogs

Company Searches:

I search for small-medium sized companies (250+ employees; 10 mils or more in revenue).

Search by Industry (For Example, Healthcare).

Search by State (Georgia).

Search Crunchbase, Inc 5000, Fortune 1000, DNB (10 results are free), hoovers, and Referenceusa.

Email Finder Apps:

Voila Norbert

You get 50 leads for free.



How I Find Businesses to Work With:

Ads in Local Publications

Stupendous Tip:

When searching local publications for leads, only target prospects that fit into your niche.  There is a higher chance of landing a gig because you can provide more value.



Book of Lists (Expensive)


Yellow Pages


Bid Sites:

Peopleperhour.com (I’m not really a fan of this site)

 Freelancer.com (I dislike this site)


I only bid on high-paying jobs in my niche.

Nonprofit Searches:





At local events at Meetup.com/ Chambers of Commerce / Forums/ Trade Shows

I learn about local business and exchange information.

Search  Local Office Parks for Healthcare related businesses

Other Creatives:

Web Designers, Illustrators, Traffic Specialists, Marketers, Videographers, and Photographers.

Digital Marketing Agencies, SEO Agencies

Step 5-Building a Contact List:

With all the information you have obtained about potential prospects at your disposal, organize it in an excel sheet. I use the excel sheets I got from a blogger.

I have sections for publications, persons, small businesses, local jobs, etc.

I make note of URL, contact person, contact information, person pitched, the date of the pitch, and the dates of the follow-ups.

Step 6-Reach Out:

Prospecting Schedule for Stupendous Copy

Every day I:

Send 3-5 emails cold pitches to prospects (some emails have videos).

Apply to 2-3 jobs posted on freelance job boards featured in my command center.

Apply to 3-5 publication sites a day via a relevant means (managing editor’s email instead of contacting the publication through the submission form).

Pitch 3-5 guest post on blogs via the submission form.

Look for opportunities on  all the quality content mills

If it is really slow:

I look for opportunities on all the up-and-coming content mills (Contently, Clearvoice, Skyword).

I look for job opportunities on social media.

I cold call businesses and cold email publications once I get the information for the point of contact.

I group similar prospects into groups of 10 and starting the cold calling process by priority.

I always reach out to the people who I think will be more likely to use my services.

 After I call a business I sent an email (letter of introduction), but at that point, it is a warm connection.

Cold Calling Details:

I pick up the phone and tell the stupendous story through my elevator pitch. More About cold calling here.

I developed a script for several different scenarios.

Stupendous Tip:

Have A Script for the Gatekeeper/A Script for the Point of Contact/A Script for Voicemail.

30-second commercial – mentioning a benefit or result specific to that business.

Quick Rules of Thumb

I try to call at the right time which is unpredictable. Obviously, no weekends or calling after 5pm or before 8am. I prefer to make calls Tuesday – Thursday.

Cold Emailing Details:

Read this.

Cold emailing is the perfect way for me to showcase my writing skills as I tailor the message to the prospect’s need, provide my experience, and leave links to the relevant content I’ve already written.

All my emails are centered around a meaningful connection, my value statement, credibility, and an invitation to connect.

I try to keep my emails to 125 words or less.

Elements of the Email:

I use a catchy headline when pitching via email.

I make sure it’s clear I know information about them.

I tell them how I can help.

I also make sure there is a call to action.

Letter of Introduction Blog Post

LinkedIn Details:

LinkedIn Script

Subject line: “Were you looking for a freelance writer?”

Body: Hi there – I saw you were checking out my profile here on LinkedIn. Were you looking for writing help? As it happens, I have experience in your industry/topic (explain how/give links). Let me know if I can help.

A Query Letter is different from a letter of introduction.

Instead of introducing myself, you pitch an idea to the story editor.

Stupendous Tips:


Keep it One-page

Keep your Bio short

Make sure it is proofread and polished

I may offer services like:

Writing a review

Writing a sales page

Writing content

Tools & Techniques of Keeping Track:

I Track everything in my Command Center (Google Sheets)

The Backbone of Prospecting System is my:

Command Center

My Command Center has all the information I’ve collected to help organize my approach to finding clients and keeping work.

I also keep a small spreadsheet of who I am currently prospecting. The categories are broken down into like Publications, People, Business, Local Jobs, and Remote Jobs.

Phone Call List is the main way I keep track of who I’ve contacted.

Email Sent Box is the main way I keep track of who I’ve contacted.

I input that information into the spreadsheet.

Step 7-Following-Up & Building A Relationship:

I created a schedule that I know much how I have to prospect, market, etc.

Almost nobody responds to the first email so persistently follow with the “3-3-7 formula.”

Research states seven instances of contact are required to secure their attention.

Results are a Numbers Game!

Step 8: Negotiate the Price

Stupendous Tip:

Make sure you are seen as interested and not desperate.




Bid Letter/Flat Rate Estimate

Contract document -the basic parameters of the job; the fee for the job, the timing of payments, exactly what the project entails, what’s included for that price, optionally, time frame.

Send it as part of a follow-up letter to a meeting or phone call.


Ways to Receive Payment:



Cash App


Square Cash


Check (If you have a regular client)


Step 9: Deliver

Stupendous Tip:

Once you land a job make sure to do your best work.

Step 10: Keep Marketing

Develop Smart Marketing Goals

Relationship Marketing


Create Lead Magnets with https://attract.growthtools.com

Inbound Ways to Market Your Business:

Website (SEO, Blog, Landing Pages)



Finding Clients!

Understanding how to balance work, marketing, accounting, and my personal life.

Staying positive when I had a slow week.

Convincing people I have a business and it’s not a hobby.

Thank you for reading, contact us for all your copywriting/content marketing needs or spread the word about Stupendous Copy!


Email at: stupendouscopy@gmail.com

Phone: 678- 626-7610

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