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Why Deadlines are the Life of a Stupendous Freelancer? (Pt. 1)

23 Hacks to be Productive Pt. 1 First 7 Hacks.

Are you on a never-ending quest to become productive?
Since you are the CEO of your time what are the keys to managing it?

This post is the quickest way to become more effective at beating deadlines. These hacks work right now.

Cold Calling the Smart Way – Planting Success Seeds!

Cold calling is to make an unsolicited call on by telephone in an attempt to sell a service and the potential client has no idea who you are. Cold calling is the cornerstone of my business. I sell the meeting and not my service. I am ready…

5 Phases of Evolution for a Creative Turning Into a Stupendous Small Business Owner #SmallBusinessSaturday

Adapt the 5 Phrases to your creative skill that can pay your bills and see success as a small business owner. A Creative Can Be A Small Business Owner Never in a million years did I think I would be a small business owner….

10 Essential Productivity Tools You Can’t Work Without

I was watching GQ’s “10 Things You Couldn’t Live Without” and it inspired me to write a post about the 10 things I must have to do business. What are your “Essential Tools of Prodictivity?” The most essential thing/tool is my… My Personal Assistant…

How to Prospect for Great Clients When You’re a Creative

I learned from the WELL-FED WRITER, Peter Bowman, that if your market yourself on a consistent basis, you will put yourself ahead of about 95% of your competitors. Story Time: About a year ago, I moved into my first property (a small condo just…

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