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Hi. I am Rudy Brown – Stupendous Copy’s writer/owner (Check Out My Portfolio).

 A long road filled with a lot of construction, obstacles, traffic, and setbacks describes the story behind the launch of this copywriting company.


In college (2012), I started a blog called RudaStu.com because I felt gifted manipulating units of language but didn’t want to take the traditional route of being published. I constantly heard horror stories but what truly bothered me was the shortage of money earned by writers. I decided to start blogging to write consistently. Little did I know, that turned out to be the most important milestone in my life but the blog developed into a misguided attempt at being successful.

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At my high school graduation party (2007), my mom handed out a book, called Rudy Brown’s Words, filled with everything I had written. I had no clue at the time but that moment established my identity as a writer. It surprised me because I always wanted to keep everything I wrote to myself because how many of “us” are talented writers? At that time, I hadn’t been introduced to successful writers that looked like me but I had no idea what else to do with my life. I knew Howard University remained my destination in the fall but what did that honestly mean?


Another book, called Rudy Brown’s Words Volume 2, was put together by my mom at my college graduation party (2013). That book contains too much of my raw drafts so I lost confidence as I labeled myself an error-prone writer. By that time I had walked across the stage as a Psychology major so I could get a job. So many times it was said to me that writers couldn’t feed themselves. I was once told by a Psychologist that If I followed my heart I would be a starving artist. Just a few minutes before she seemed to be in infatuated with my future when she found out I was taking classes to become a school counselor. Needless to say, her attitude summed up everyone’s feelings so I got the hell out of Denver. I refused to be boxed in.

I self-published a poetry book on Smashwords.com (2016) called D.A.Z.E that showcased my slight increase in confidence but I had no idea how to market it. Drained by social encounters and preferring to be in solitary environment writing or reading I didn’t worry about promoting it even to my close family and friends, because it was an internal milestone. I just had to publish something no matter how small the website appeared and it didn’t matter if it was self-published.


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In 2014, I discovered copywriting shortly after moving cross country to Georgia on the strength of pure motivation and frustration yet it sounded too good to be true. Actual people were getting paid a livable salary to write. I even found a portfolio school in Atlanta called Creative Circus but I couldn’t afford to put my adult life on hold for two years while paying expensive tuition. Never discouraged I simply read about the “hidden in plain sight” form of writing. Last February, I started copywriting and finally I found a means to my desire to become a successful writer, help small businesses, and become financially free.


On the surface, my story is similar to a significant amount of other freelance copywriters. I hated the politics of corporate America and I wasn’t happy. I googled how to make money writing because the creative writing could not pay my bills. I found CopyBlogger, Kopywritingkourse, Carol Tice, and AWAI among a ton of other sites so I began to study the free materials over and over again.

Long before I discovered copywriting I moved to Atlanta, Georgia from Denver, Colorado to find more opportunities to be an entrepreneur and to be inspired to write. With a degree in Psychology and a minor in Writing from MSU Denver, I refused to settle for a meaningless job so I followed my heart until it led me to a change of scenery.


I took a leap of faith. I packed all my clothes, shoes, and books into my 2004 silver Impala then drove 1,411 miles in 24 hours with no sleep and a few stops in St. Louis, MO, the visitor’s center in Kentucky, and Nashville, TN on my way to the Peachtree City. I needed to establish myself in my new surroundings so I worked meaningless jobs along with attempting to go to graduate school for Industrial-Organizational Psychology. I slept on relatives couches, rented out rooms, and eventually worked my way into my own apartment. The common theme was studying copywriting and applying what I learned to everything I could write.


Last year, I decided to attend a copywriting workshop at General Assembly and learned a ton from Molly Dickerson. Still, I continued to go to my day job so I could buy my first property. I achieved that bucket list goal this March. In May finally settled, I automatically focused all my attention on launching my own copywriting company. Now, I am the main contributor to the content on Stupendouscopy.com as well as being the main writer for Stupendous Copy.

The only way to build financial freedom is through ownership and as a freelance writer I decided to take what I have learned in my short career and put it into legitimate impressive content that can help others while promoting my skills. In short, Stupendous Copy was the best way to advertise myself as an introverted freelancer that struggles to verbalize my unique way of earning a living. I hope to continue to grow the business and my craft so I can achieve my ultimate goal which is to teach others how to become copywriters, right here, on this site. I have a lot of work to do so please stay tuned and sign up for my newsletter. Don’t forget to check out the services page to see how we can help your brand today.

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