Why Hire Me?

I am here to serve you with valuable marketing powered by words and strategy that is ensured to reach the prospects on three levels:

intellectual, emotional, and personal.


Healthcare (Digital Marketing Copywriting)


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I only charge you “billable work,” which is the time I spend on your project that will generate your business revenue.

I keep that to 62.5% of the time I spend on your project.

The other 37.5% of my time is at no charge to you if we work primarily by email/phone/Skype.

(The industry standard is to charge for research, background reading, and meeting time).

Ultimately, I price work by job/project but that price is based on an hourly rate.

We agree upon the flat rate of the job/project before I start the research phrase.

(95% of the time)

1/3 to 1/2 of the agreed-upon FLAT RATE is REQUIRED up-front.

(This is waived for continuous clients)

The Flat Rate – Flexible Pricing Approach

The FLAT RATE is based on an hourly rate and multiple other factors, which depend on the type of writing the project entails.

I never estimate the flat rate on command. I must gather all the necessary information regarding the parameters of the project beforehand.

Tell me your budget & I’ll provide pricing justification also known as the flat rate estimate breaking down the hourly rate and the fee for the other factors.

(It will be delivered to you in 24- 48 Hours)

The Flat Rate Estimate will include:

A Recap of Your Needs for The Product

A Summary of How I’ll Help

It Will Include The Desired Outcomes

It Will List Specific Deliverables and Prices

I Assume it’s a YES, so I’ll add the estimated start date and finish date for the project.

Certain projects will be eligible for research, travel time, and meeting time fees.

Hourly Rates (Negotiable):

Technical/Business Writing




Academic Writing


Blog Post/Articles


Prospecting the article is an additional charge that will be avoided if the service is not necessary.

Ghostwriting Fee:

Ghostwriting cost more since I won’t have a byline or credit for the content.

(charge is only applicable to certain services)


There is no such thing as perfect copy, but I always generate stupendous copy.

The Flat Rate includes three revisions.

Payment Terms:

30 Days.

Payment must be received within 30 days from the completion date.

I invoice in a very timely manner.

“Bigger Jobs” will be invoiced in stages (two to three payments).

Payments Accepted:



Cash App


Square Cash


Check (If you have a regular client)


Client Calls:

I will have a list of questions and we’ll look at the website/project together.

Please expect, 

Superior Customer Service first!


stupendous copywriting,


returns on your investment!

Have no fear I will take care of your writing and marketing communication needs.


I never miss a deadline while providing proactive digital marketing/copywriting ideas.

The experience is easy, enjoyable, and professional because I quickly get up to speed on your products/company/campaign/brand.

I’m easy-going, cooperative, and accommodating!

I’m always available to take Rescue Calls (I prefer email) to save a project!

I deliver clear, clean, effective error-free copywriting that is results-oriented.

(Please allow “conception” time for brainstorming and time for the creative process. It is crucial).

I solve your business needs because I genuinely care about them.

I ask about your digital marketing challenges and find solutions to them.

I use your audiences/customer’s language.

Helpful Advisor Idea Generator Reliable Resource

I ask a lot of the right questions beforehand to ensure there is a good fit.

Expect my input during the process and upon delivery.

Access to every resource I’ve collected during the project.

What Sets My Copywriting Apart Besides Being Stupendous:

I focus on your audience!

I make a promise early on!

I stay laser-focused on the premise!

I create content that is ultra-specific!

I demonstrate credibility with facts, stats, etc!

I make offers – whether it’s a product, event or idea!

Contact Me Now:

Email: rudybrown@stupendouscopy.com

Phone: 678- 626–7610

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