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Let Me Help You Empower Your Website with Words

I am no seller. I am a provider of a service.

Check Out What I Offer:

Blog Post/Articles:

(blogging is effective for generating leads and revenue for businesses).

Health Blog Post 

 Real Estate Blog Post 

More Examples of  Blog Posts (By Any Means of Marketing)

Landing Pages:

Nonprofit  Landing Page

About Me Page

Email Campaign Landing Page Using MailChimp

More Landing Page Samples 

Email Campaigns:

(email marketing generates significantly more revenue than other types of marketing).

More Info about Email Campaigns 



I am here to serve you with valuable marketing powered by words and strategy that is ensured to reach the prospects on three levels:

intellectual, emotional, and personal.

Embrace the value of web writing!

Center all your marketing efforts and needs today.


CV on Clear Voice

Rudy Brown CV

CV (Digital Verison)

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Niches/ Specializations:

Healthcare (Digital Marketing Copywriting)

Websites (SEO /SEM)

Landing Pages

Email Marketing (email campaigns)

Visual/Digital Displays in Association with Copywriting

I do work outside of my specializations at a reduced rate, contact me now to discuss a project.

What’s Your Budget?


I only charge you “billable work,” which is the time I spend on your project that will generate your business revenue.

I keep that to 62.5% of the time I spend on your project.

The other 37.5% of my time is at no charge to you if we work primarily by email/phone/Skype.

(The industry standard is to charge for research, background reading, and meeting time).

Ultimately, I price work by job/project but that price is based on an hourly rate.

We agree upon the flat rate of the job/project before I start the research phrase.

(95% of the time)

1/3 to 1/2 of the agreed-upon FLAT RATE is REQUIRED up-front.

(This is waived for continuous clients)

The Flat Rate – Flexible Pricing Approach

The FLAT RATE is based on an hourly rate and multiple other factors, which depend on the type of writing the project entails.

I never estimate the flat rate on command. I must gather all the necessary information regarding the parameters of the project beforehand.

Tell me your budget & I’ll provide pricing justification also known as the flat rate estimate breaking down the hourly rate and the fee for the other factors.

(It will be delivered to you in 24- 48 Hours)

The Flat Rate Estimate will include:

A Recap of Your Needs for The Product

A Summary of How I’ll Help

It Will Include The Desired Outcomes

It Will List Specific Deliverables and Prices

I Assume it’s a YES, so I’ll add the estimated start date and finish date for the project.

Certain projects will be eligible for research, travel time, and meeting time fees.

Hourly Rates (Negotiable):

Technical/Business Writing




Academic Writing


Blog Post/Articles


Prospecting the article is an additional charge that will be avoided if the service is not necessary.

Ghostwriting Fee:

Ghostwriting cost more since I won’t have a byline or credit for the content.

(charge is only applicable to certain services)


There is no such thing as perfect copy, but I always generate stupendous copy.

The Flat Rate includes three revisions.

Limited Budget:

I offer other services.

Editing Only

Concepting Only


Discounts Available for Referrals.

Payment Terms:

30 Days.

Payment must be received within 30 days from the completion date.

I invoice in a very timely manner.

“Bigger Jobs” will be invoiced in stages (two to three payments).

Payments Accepted:



Cash App


Square Cash


Check (If you have a regular client)


Client Calls:

I will have a list of questions and we’ll look at the website/project together.

Please expect, 

Superior Customer Service first!


stupendous copywriting,


returns on your investment!

Have no fear I will take care of your writing and marketing communication needs.


I never miss a deadline while providing proactive digital marketing/copywriting ideas.

The experience is easy, enjoyable, and professional because I quickly get up to speed on your products/company/campaign/brand.

I’m easy-going, cooperative, and accommodating!

I’m always available to take Rescue Calls (I prefer email) to save a project!

I deliver clear, clean, effective error-free copywriting that is results-oriented.


I ask a lot of the right questions beforehand to ensure there is a good fit.

Expect my input during the process and upon delivery.

Access to every resource I’ve collected during the project.


My Swipe File.

My Command Center.

How to guides, How to videos, Copywriting guides, Marketing guides, Writing & Editing guides.

Plus, my stupendous brain.

(Please allow “conception” time for brainstorming and time for the creative process. It is crucial).

I solve your business needs because I genuinely care about them.

I ask about your digital marketing challenges and find solutions to them.

I use your audiences/customer’s language.

I Am A:

Helpful Advisor
Idea Generator
Reliable Resource

“The value is not what you get but what I create.” – Rudy Brown

What Sets My Copywriting Apart Besides Being Stupendous:

I focus on your audience!

I make a promise early on!

I stay laser-focused on the premise!

I create content that is ultra-specific!

I demonstrate credibility with facts, stats, etc!

I make offers – whether it’s a product, event or idea!

Freelancing is the New Wave:

According to U.S. workforce, well over 1/4 of the workers are freelancers.

(57.3 million Americans)

Freelancer contribute $1.4 Trillion Annually to The Economy (full report)

Forbes Article About Freelancing

Contact Me Now:

Email: stupendouscopy@gmail.com

Phone: 678- 626–7610

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