About LashDoll Comestics

Lash Doll Cosmetics is a visionary brand with exclusive eyelashes, lip balms, and bath bombs. It blossomed from a small business created to inspire young women to develop entrepreneurial skills into a line that caters to pampering every woman’s beauty needs.


Wearing Lash Doll’s %100 mink eyelashes, every woman will feel empowered by their ability to balance being beautiful, successful, and social with lashes that add volume and length to her appearance.

Lip Balm

After applying Lash Doll’s %100 organic lip balm, every woman will feel productive as she parties, takes care of business, and networks with soft & well-scented lips.

Bath Bombs

Soaking in %100 Lash Doll’s organic bath bombs, every woman will feel relaxed as she lavishes being confident and comfortable in her own skin.

Our story

The owner, Victoria Mone’t, has grown the cosmetics company into a brand that fuses the warm and sweet elements of her southern upbringing with the ideal cosmetic products of contemporary beauty.

Long before she was a Georgia State senior, Victoria liquidated all her cash assets to find & invest in top-quality ingredients such as Mink Fur, Shea Moisturizer, Vitamin E, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, and more.

That sacrifice has allowed her merchandise to elevate to the standards of any southern belle while still being affordable for young women in college and/or pursuing their entrepreneurial goals.

Combine Victoria’s hustler’s spirit with hard work, mix in world-class ingredients and the results are great products.

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