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Content Marketing Case Study – Words Mean Business

Happy First Day of Fall!

The “Words Mean Business” strategy was developed by Stupendous Copy to implement copywriting principles into content marketing to showcase the value of the brand.

Content marketing educates the audience about your product/service without coming off as “salesy.”

How to Build an Empire with 14+ Free Google Tools

Google is one of the “Big Four” technology companies and goes bar beyond its search bar (3.5 billion Google searches are made every day).

Using their services can enhance your digital marketing since “Google it” is an actual phrase.

Scam through this article to see if any of the ways I use Google can benefit you and/or your company.

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Are you a fan of Google?

My favorite feature is my Google calendar is connected to my alarm clock so when I press off – the voice reads my calendar to me out loud while I’m still opening my eyes. It helps me envision my day.


38 Ways to Create Headlines that Will Make Your Audience Click!

This blog post is an exception from my “The Ultimate Guide to Crafting Headlines.”

Sell B2B Solutions with a Case Study

Success Share Through Stories Are you looking for a lead magnet or content that can creatively reach your prospect while still showcasing the benefits of working with your company? Create a case study. It’s succinct with classic storytelling elements so it is straight to…

Why Deadlines are the Life of a Stupendous Freelancer? (Pt.2)

Dominate Deadlines

Letters Of Introduction Say You’re Unique

The 6th habit of “The 25 Sales Habits of Highly Successful Salesperson” is to engage the prospect. “Not Salesy” Although, I don’t consider myself a salesperson – as a writer of copy and a small business owner I have to sell my services to…

Why Deadlines are the Life of a Stupendous Freelancer? (Pt. 1)

23 Hacks to be Productive Pt. 1 First 7 Hacks.

Are you on a never-ending quest to become productive?
Since you are the CEO of your time what are the keys to managing it?

This post is the quickest way to become more effective at beating deadlines. These hacks work right now.

{4 Rules 2} Craft Magnetic Headlines in 5 Minutes

Read……{4 Rules 2} Craft Magnetic Headlines in 5 Minutes!

How did I do on my headline?

Landing Pages Can Sell for You

Read……Landing Pages Can Sell for You!

Web Copywriting Increases ROI in 4 Weeks

My web copywriting technique also known as the “The Power of Words” strategy (4 Steps) increased my revenue on my investment by 110%. I used my website (stupendouscopy.com) and letters of introduction to pull it off. Read more about the “Power of Words” Case Study….COMMENT! SHARE!

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