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Landing Page Lead Sentences that Turn Leads Into Customers (15 Examples)

Landing pages lead sentences turn leads into customers.

15 examples of lead sentences included.

SEO Copywriting – 3 Helpful Experts With Time-Saving Tips You Can Use Now!

Introduction Why is SEO Copywriting important? Research done by the Search Engine Journal, confirmed 70 – 80% of users ignore paid search on Google and select the organic results that come from the search. There are over 1 billion websites on the world wide web….

How to Build a Profitable Website with Keyword Research

Tech Skills (SEO Background) 20% Research Skills (Keyword Research) 50% Web Copy (Copywriting) 30% Additional SEO Tools SEO Google – Add Ons SEOquake Keywords Everywhere MozBar

Content Marketing Case Study – Words Mean Business

Happy First Day of Fall!

The “Words Mean Business” strategy was developed by Stupendous Copy to implement copywriting principles into content marketing to showcase the value of the brand.

Content marketing educates the audience about your product/service without coming off as “salesy.”

{AIDA} The Ultimate Formula to Gain Your Customer's Attention Right Away

I struggled with peopling finding my website for 6 years when I started RuDaStu.com (the site doesn’t even exist anymore). Until one day I discovered a copywriting formula that turned out to be a goldmine (Stupendouscopy.com). The basic slippy slide technique involving your customer’s…

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